How women can avoid their fake naked photos posted online


A portrait of a young woman
A portrait of a young woman. Capturing and posting your portrait photos on social media platforms is a way to avoid the creation and sharing of your fake naked photo online. Photo by Владимир Васильев from Pexels





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How women can avoid having their fake naked pictures created and posted online

About 104,852 women have been targeted and had fake naked images of them shared publicly from July 2019 to 2020 – Sensity


You may have handed some people the opportunity to create a fake naked picture of you and share online on social media

If you have ever posted your whole body photo on any social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other, then you have handed some people a sufficient opportunity to create a fake naked photo of you.

A messaging service application, known as Telegram bot, is artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bot that resides inside a Telegram private messaging channel. It can be used to create fake pornographic images of women.

According to a new report, fake naked images of more than 100,000 women have been created from social media pictures and shared online.

An intelligence company, Sensity, reported that from July 2019 to 2020, about 104,852 women have been targeted and had fake naked images of them shared publicly as some users primarily used the Telegram bot to generate and share paedophilic content. Giorgio Patrini, Sensity’s Chief Executive Officer, said the shift to using photos of private individuals is relatively a new trend.

It can be devastating for victims of fake pornographic images and such can upset their life due to feeling of violation and humiliation.


How the creation of faked naked pictures works

How does the creature of the faked naked picture works? The widely circulated software technology used by the app, called Deepfakes, is a computer-generated program often with realistic images and video, based on a real template.

Clothes can be digitally removed from pictures of women by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and spread on the messaging app Telegram. This means that users can send the bot a photo of a woman, and it will digitally remove her clothes in minutes, at no cost, producing a fake naked image of the woman. Messaging the bot will send back the result in a modified version.

The user of the bot can then share the photo with others on a social media platform as he wishes.


How women can avoid having their fake naked pictures created and posted online

Having a social media account with public photos is enough for any woman to become a target. Women who have a social media account can avoid having their fake naked pictures created and posted online if they can share their portrait photos revealing their head, neck, and shoulders only.  Women who have their whole body pictures showing publicly in their social media account are vulnerable to pornographic creation.

This is more reason why some women who understand how the bot app works do not show their chest area down to their thigh on any online public domain be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform.


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The service app administrators called it ‘’entertainment’’

The service app administrator said it was simply “entertainment”. The administrator running the service, known only as “P” said that he didn’t care that much since it is all about entertainment and not violence. He maintained that no one will blackmail anyone for running such a service.


There is legal protection on the use of such service messaging app

The CEO of Sensity, Giorgio Patrini, said that the creators and administrators of any of those websites or apps do not hide or operate underground, because they are not strictly outlawed. He expects the running of such service to increase in the near future except they are outlawed.

The author of the book Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse, Nina Schick, said Deepfake creators were all over the world, and that legal protections were “playing catch-up” with the software technology. She affirmed that the content will become more sophisticated with the number of deepfake porn videos increasing. The use of Deepfake images is not considered a specific offence.

She further explained that the legal systems operational are not fit to and the society is yet to decide how to regulate the trend that is on the rise due to exponential technological advances.

The current UK law around fake pornographic images has recently been criticized in a university report. for being “inconsistent, out-of-date and confusing”

Lucy Hadley of the Women’s Aid  – a charity organization in the UK,  said that there remains glaring gaps in the law despite progress on issues like revenge porn and upskirting.


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