Introduction to Numbers: Meaning and Classification of Numbers


Introduction to Numbers - Meaning and Classification of Numbers

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Lesson 1.1: Introduction to Numbers: Meaning & Classification of Numbers

Meaning of Numbers

Numbers are mathematical units or elements that can be ordered in a way or be subjected to basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Classification of Numbers

Complex numbers, the general term for numbers are divided into 2:

1. Imaginary numbers (Examples: 2i, 4i)

2. Real numbers

    (a) Irrational numbers (Examples: surd, e, pie, etc)

    (b) Rational numbers

          (i) Non-integers or Non-integer numbers or fractions (Examples: 5/7, etc)

          (ii) Integers

                (1) Negative integers or numbers (Examples: – 8, -45, etc)

                 (2) Positive intergers or numbers or whole numbers

                       (a) Zero (0)

                        (b) Natural numbers ( Examples: 3, 25, 467, etc)

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Introduction to Numbers

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