Prepare for schools reopening in phases – Nigerian government


Dr. Sani Aliyu-National Coordinator of the Nigerian Presidential Task Force on COVID-19

Dr. Sani Aliyu, The Nigerian Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 National Coordinator. Photo credit:

School Education News: Prepare for schools reopening in phases – Nigerian FG

State governments must conduct a risk assessment before the reopening of schools in phases.

The Nigerian Federal Government has directed state governments and school administrators to begin preparations for the full reopening of schools and educational institutions which include daycare, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across the country in phases, according to a report.

This was disclosed by Sani Aliyu, The Nigerian Presidential Task Force (PTF) National Coordinator on COVID-19, on Thursday who gave the directive during a media briefing held at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja.


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The federal government had earlier on August 4 directed students in exit classes to return to school ahead of the final examinations.

Dr. Sani Aliyu however, said the PTF recommended a phased reopening of students in schools, citing that educational institutions should begin the process of working towards potentially reopening within this 3rd phase of national response on COVID-19.

Some state governments had last week ordered schools in the various states to reopen from September 14, but The Nigerian PTF  National Coordinator said that Nigerian Federal Government strongly recommends that states conduct a risk assessment to ensure all schools are at a level of compliance and create a monitoring mechanism to assess, create, and monitor this level of preparedness before reopening.

The Nigerian Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, National Coordinator Sani Aliyu further warned that all crèches and daycare centers and other educational institutions are to remain closed to traditional in-classes until this level of risk is assessed, and that reopening of schools must be staged and preferably carried out in phases to ensure there is no risk of the health of the general public and in particular to vulnerable groups that might end up getting infected by students going back home.


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