Student dies while plucking mango for a teacher


Student dies

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Student dies while plucking mango for a teacher

A student in Senior Secondary School (S.S 3) reportedly fell from a mango tree and died in Akure, Ondo State last weekend. Pandemonium broke out in the school after the incident, with the Principal and the teachers going underground as the news of his death spread.
‘Student dies from a fall from a tree’ appears not to be a news any more in Nigeria

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Temitayo Oluwole, before his death, was the senior prefect of
Ijo Mimo High School, Akure. He was alleged to have been asked by one of his teachers in the school to pluck the mango after their Saturday tutorials at about 1.30p.m.

It was reported that this would be the fourth time students of the school would fall from the same mango tree within the school premise in recent time. Similar incident occurred in Imo State two years ago when a student in J.S 2 fell from a mango tree and died.

It was reported that while he was up in the tree attempting to pluck the mango for the teacher, the branch of the tree where he stood on gave way, he fell and hit his head on the ground. He was rushed to the hospital where he bled profusely to death.

A student lamented that the teachers keep sending them to pluck mangoes for them from the tree despite the recorded incidents in the past, the dangers and their cries that the tree is evil. Since they can’t disobey them, they kept on climbing the tree to pluck mangoes for them.

Pastor Bode Adegoke, the father of the deceased confirmed his death after he was rushed to a private hospital, from thence he was referred to the Trauma Centre in Ondo, where he eventually died at about 6.52p.m. The bereaved father said that school authorities sent some representatives who had visited him yesterday to sympathize with him for his loss.

The pastor said that the principal of the school was nowhere to be found since the incident occurred on Saturday.

The State Education Commissioner, Pastor Femi Agagu, said the state government would investigate the matter.

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