Watch video of kindergarten children show basketball skills


A child practising shooting skill in a basketball game. Image credit: Hiroka at



Watch video of kindergarten children show extraordinary basketball skills in China.

Basketball skills are balance, footwork, dribbling, passing and shooting

Watch video of kindergarten children display basketball skills

Children love to play basketball

Children love to play games and sports including basketball. Basketball, as it were, is a fun and easy sport to learn for children’s stage and cognitive level. That is why it is needful to teach young children about basketball?

Perhaps your child can gain motivation to become a future basketball star with these skills if learnt and practised.

A child can be taught to run, jump, dribble, and shoot while learning basketball skills.  These are the activities that children usually do in their play.

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Basic basketball skills children can learn and practise

  1. Children can learn and practise balance skill

Children can learn to spread their feet apart, bend the legs on their knees and arms on their sides with the head facing in front and parallel to the ground. Balance prevents young children from falling down easily.

  1. Children can learn and practise dribble skills

Children can learn dribbling skills by pushing the ball to the floor repeatedly using their dominant hands and legs and catching it quickly as it rebounds off.

Once they learn how to dribble looking at the ball, they can also learn and practise dribbling skills without looking at the ball.

  1. Children can learn and practise shooting skills

Kids can learn to throw the ball into the basket when taught and observed practise it.

  1. Children can practise passing skills

Create drills that will allow the children to throw the ball into the air. Pair the players so that someone can catch the ball, throw it back to the other player, and vice versa repeatedly.

  1. Kids can practise basic footwork

Teach your young players about movement and positioning of the foot. Footwork helps them to learn how to coordinate their dribbling with feet.


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