Videos and photos: Sri Lankan Protests: Thousands take over presidential palace – break into the palace; occupy presidential seat, use swimming pool, gym, and others; watch ‘WWE’ on Prime Minister’s bed


Sri Lankan protesters gather outside presidential house

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Sri Lankan Protests amidst an economic crisis

Picture credit: Washington Post

Sri Lankan Protests: Watch videos of thousands take over the presidential palace – break into the palace; occupy the presidential seat, use the swimming pool, gym, and others; watch ‘WWE’ on Prime Minister’s bed

In a piece of weird news, we report that thousands of protesting Sri Lankans have taken over the presidential palace – breaking into the palace through security cordons placed by police; occupying the presidential seat, hanging banners from the balcony, using the swimming pool in the premise and other facilities as well watching ‘WWE’ on the Prime Minister’s bed. The viral videos, which various media agencies have released, have been trending online on social media platforms.

According to Sahara Reporter, demonstrators broke into Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private residence, on Fifth Lane, and set it on fire, according to his office. Live video streamed by local media and seen by CNN showed the residence engulfed in flames as crowds gathered at the scene.

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A Sri Lankan protester occupying a presidential seat. Photo credit: NDTV

In this unusual story covered by varying media reporters with the headline: ‘’ Sri Lankan Crisis: Watch thousands of protesters believed to number around 100,000 take over the presidential palace, forcing the president to leave – break into the palace; use the swimming pool and others; watch ‘WWE’ on PM’s bed, Thousands of protesters barged into the President’s House on Saturday, making their way into the office before occupying President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s chair.

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Picture of Sri Lankan protesters using the presidential swimming pool. Photo credit: Sahara Reporters

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According to an NDTV report on the crisis, a video clip of the protesters at the desk, swarming into Prime Minister’s official residence – Colombo, Temple Trees, swimming in the pool using the gym and hanging around in the bedrooms. The videos have gone viral on social media platforms.

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A picture of a group of young men mock-wrestling on a bed inside the Prime Minister’s official residence – the video of which was taken. In a short clip edited to background commentary from a wrestling match, the protesters can be seen posing as professional wrestlers and attempting stunts on each other. Photo credit: NDTV

After videos of them taking a dip in the swimming pool, dining in the kitchen, relaxing in bedrooms, and working out in the gym at the Presidential palace went viral, another video of them mock-playing wrestling apparently on the Prime Minister’s bed is entertaining social media, according to the NDTV report.

clip has been posted by Twitter user “Sri Lanka Tweet” featuring a group of men mock-wrestling on the Prime Minister’s bed inside his official residence, posing as professional wrestlers and attempting to challenge each other.

Protesters occupying Sri Lankan President and Prime Minister’s residences following months of angry protests demanding their resignation amid a severe economic crisis continue to find innovative ways to entertain themselves.

Sri Lanka is reeling under a severe foreign exchange shortage which has resulted in the worst financial crisis in almost seven decades. The country has been hit by severe food and fuel shortages along with prolonged blackouts.

According to Sahara Reporter, Sri Lanka, a nation of over 22 million has been rocked by protests for several months, with the unrest driven by soaring inflation and shortages of food, fuel, and medicine. The country defaulted on its foreign debt in May, and fuel rationing was introduced earlier this month, with armed troops deployed to filling stations.

The economic crisis has been blamed partly on the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting fall in tourism revenue for the island nation.

Sri Lanka government has said that President Rajapaksa would resign on July 13. . Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said he would resign as soon as an all-party government was ready to take over. The Parliament will likely choose a caretaker president, and Speaker Abeywardena will likely take over as prime minister.

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