FG plans to deduct UBE Funds from State govts


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FG plans to deduct UBE Funds from State govts

FG plans to begin the deduction of counterpart funding meant for the development of basic education in the country from source if state governments’ attitude of non-compliance with the provision of counterpart funding for basic education continues.

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The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Act requires state government to provide 50 percent matching grant in order to access funds released by the federal government for the basic education development in their states.

The inability of some state  governments to make provision for the matching grants had left huge sums of unaccessed funds with the Universal Basic Education Commission.

Adamu Adamu, Nigerian Education Minister made this known this during the ninth edition of the ministerial press briefing on Monday in Abuja.

Adamu Adamu blamed corruption and lack of political will-power on the part of state governments to provide the expected counterpart fund for the basic education on corruption.

The minister said: “In the last four years of the Administration of President Mohammadu Buhari, Federal Government funding of Basic education has increased notably, despite low earnings from oil prices.

“During the four-year period under consideration, the government of Buhari provided a total grant of 350 billion Naira to fund Basic Education in the country. This feat has been achieved largely due to large political will.” The minister emphasized.

According to the analysis released by the minister, the federal government disbursed N68.4 billion in 2015 as matching and non-conditional grants to fifteen states and the capital, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Again the government disbursed N77 billion as grants to twenty-nine states and the FCT in 2016

Also in 2017, FG provided N95 billion to twenty-four states and the FCT, and another 109 billion naira to twenty states and the FCT for the development of basic education.

The funds paid out 350 billion Naira over the four-year period as ‘Matching grants’.

The other funds are meant for Educational Imbalance, Special Educational, Good Performance, Instructional Materials, Teacher Professional Development and Universal Basic Education Implementation and Monitoring across geopolitical zones of the country.

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Posted: March 20, 2019, | Category: Local News
Source: Thenationonlineng

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