A Ukrainian engineer creates working half-wheeled bicycle that runs greatly in Video and Photo


A Ukrainian engineer creates working half-wheeled bicycle that runs greatly in Video and Photo

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Photo by Spencer Gu on Unsplash

A Ukrainian man creates a working half-wheeled bicycle that runs greatly without any issues in video and photo

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A man who has designed a working half-wheeled bicycle is a piece of news making around the internet.

Oddity Central has reported that a resourceful engineer has created a functional half-wheeled bicycle that works well as one full wheel in a piece of news captioned: ‘’ Engineer Creates Functional Half-Wheel Bicycle.

In a shared video of the design, Sergii Gordieiev, a Ukrainian, extended the rear frame of the bicycle. He also used a chainring mounted to the disc brake for one of the half wheels and cut a wheel in half, making sure they spin in tandem to fulfill the function of a full wheel.

Sergii Gordieiev’s half-wheeled bicycle works well, as weird as it sounds – run great on flat, tackle remarkably curbs without any issue though not perfectly.

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Photo of the Ukrainian engineer riding the product of his invention – a working half-wheeled bicycle. Picture credit: Oddity Central

This self-balancing bike is definitely one of the most bizarre designs to see in a while

Sergii Gordieiev, engineer and YouTuber extraordinaire, is known for his ingenious inventions – including a chainless bike and a drill-powered ice bike. Still, his latest creation undoubtedly looks the most unusual.

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