Video and pics: Body tattoos on children around 6 years of age. Awesome or disgusting?


See photos of kids wearing body tattoos. Awesome or disgusting?

Video and pics: Body tattoos on children around 6 years of age. Awesome or disgusting?

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Photo by Helena Lopes

Is it awesome or disgusting seeing the photos of young children 6-years and below wearing tattoos on their bodies courtesy of a tattoo artist, Benjamin Lloyd, who specializes in airbrushed tattoos for children

According to the with the caption on the weird news post: ‘’ This Tattoo Artist’s Clients Are Only Six-Years-Old on Average ‘’, The talented New Zealand-based tattoo artist airbrush impressive tattoos to put smiles on his young clients’ faces for children not older than 6 years of age on the average.

Watch a video of Benjamin Llyod inking a body tattoo on a kid

See photos of kids wearing body tattoos: Pictures credit: Oddity Central

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A boy wearing spectacles with tattoos over his body. Picture 1

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A smiling boy inked with tattoos on his body. Picture 2

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A boy with part of his body inked with body tattoos. Picture 3

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A boy sitting on a mattress wearing body tattoos. Picture 4

The children in the pictures appear to like the designed tattoo but are they worthy of having such inking on their bodies just as kids?

Benjamin Lloyd takes around nine minutes to complete one of his amazingly-realistic tattoos using stencils and then spraying freehand.

Tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd posted an image of a friend’s young son with a skull and roses design airbrushed on his arm and torso when he started in 2016. Lloyd’s photo went viral, garnering over 400,000 likes in just a few hours and the post got hundreds of thousands of likes.

A mother recently gave mother who gave her toddler realistic tattoos just because she thought he looked cool, according to an Oddity Central report.

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