15 best online learning resources


Best online learning resources

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Distance Education: 15 best online homeschooling and school classroom education resources

Distance Learning: Top 15 educational technology tools – websites and apps for nursery preschool and kindergarten kids, age 0 – 5; primary (elementary) grade school kids, age 5 – 11; secondary (high), age 11 – 17 and post-secondary (college) and for parents, teachers, and educators

We shall consider 15 best online learning resources having discussed a wide range of free online educational technology tools – website and app resources school kids and students; parents, teachers, and educators to choose from for both homeschooling and school classroom education.


Big 5 educational websites for home learning packs

We shall, in the article, consider 15 bests online distance education resources for nursery preschool and kindergarten kids, age 0 – 5; primary (elementary) grade school kids, age 5 – 11; secondary (high), age 11 – 17 and post-secondary (college) and for parents, teachers, and educators in providing learning guide to school kids and students.

Reading Eggs

Go Noodle

National Geographic: National Geographic Kids 

BrainPOP: BrainPop Jr.

Cool Math 4 Kids and Cool Math Games


Google Classroom.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy Kids


PBS Kids Learning Series

Kahoot!: Kahoot.com

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy






1. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an online learning resource that offers reading activities through interactive, fun and engaging games, directed reading lessons, covering the five essential components of reading: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension for young school children and students ranging from nursery pre-pre-schoolers – primary (elementary) grade aged – secondary (high).

Schoolchildren at first complete a placement quiz to measure their reading level but afterward work self-paced activities, allowing them to learn suitably.

This homeschooling and school classroom education is easy to integrate into your kids’ day-to-day routine.

Reading Eggs, a multi-award winning learning technology tool is ideal for preschool-aged children or those struggling with reading. About 91% of parents notice that their kids reading abilities improve after using the program

Reading eggs
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Reading eggs. Image credit: readingeggs.com

2. GoNoodle

GoNoodle is an online distance home and school classroom learning resource that offers school kids and students active movement and exercises in form of playful games towards build their brainpower and physical development as well as managing their energy levels.

This ready-to-go physical educational app and website features tons of pre-recorded, custom-created interactive, engaging, and fun video lessons designed to get kids into the concepts of mindfulness, including breathing and meditation.

Teachers and parents can use the upgraded version of this free learning technology tool (GoNoodle Plus) to introduce physical exercise into lessons and create interactive games aligned with Common Core Standards in multiple studies.

GoNoodle is for a wide range of young learners – Pre-Kindergarten children–primary grad –secondary and high school students

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GoNoodle. Image credit: gonoodle.com

3. National Geography: National Geography Little Kids and National Geographic Kids

National Geography is a free home learning website that has lots of educational and entertainment activities for all school-aged children.

National Geographic is a home education and school classroom tool and top-notch education technology for nursery pre-pre school age, 0 – 5 through primary (elementary) grade school age 5 – 11 through secondary (high) school-age children (K-12 learners).

As an online learning resource, it focuses on learning sciences and Geography in virtual exploration via fun videos, games, and other interactive media.

National Geographic Little Kids allows preschool kids (pre-kindergarten – Grade 2 primary school children) can see attractive nature photos in their supreme beauties and colourful animals videos in their natural habitat.

National Geographic for Kids
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National Geographic for Kids. Image credit: youtube.com

4. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is an amazing technology-driven resource that explains a variety of subjects (including STEM, Reading, and Writing, Health Education, Social Studies, Arts, Geography) through animated educational cartoon images and video games. The interactive online educational contents also captivate and reinforce learning in nursery preschoolers, primary grade and secondary high school students (K-12 learners but usually for upper elementary school and middle school students) through interactive quizzes, and other online activities both in for home education and school classroom learning.

BrainPOP Jr. provides learning video contents to kindergarten through grade 3 age group.

Being that it is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, BrainPOP’s mobile technology app is your kids’ smartphone or tablet video library tool for daily-featured movies, videos, and online quizzes.

BrainPOP fosters school kids’ curiosity, creativity, and thirst for knowledge through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)-related activities, helping them to develop critical thinking, idea generation and problem-solving skills.

BrainPOP is also a top-class, unshakable, and award-winning online learning tool for kindergarten and elementary school teachers too, delivering fine teachers-support contents and adding learning excitement. Teachers can request free access to gain to BrainPop’s entire catalog of limited educational videos but subscription service offers more expanded versions.

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BrainPOP. Image credit: brainpop.com

5. Cool Math

Cool Math can be offered as Cool Math 4 Kids and Cool Math Games

Cool Math 4 Kids is a free educational resource that has a blend of attractive games and lesson activities, and there are quizzes with certificates awarded at the end of the Math Lesson.

Cool Math Games
This home education and school classroom learning website offer thousands of free online virtual games for nursery and primary (elementary) grade school-aged children ranging from board games to computer video-game that incorporate Mathematics practices and skills into its model.

Cool Math for Kids
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Cool Math for Kids. Photo credit: vibrantchristianliving.com

6. ABCya

ABCya is a kids’ educational website and app for computer games.

ABCya, has tons of fun, appealing educational computer games for nursery school and primary school-age kids across varying subjects including Speaking, Mathematics, Memorization activities, Typing, and others That is, pre-Kindergarten school-age kids (age 0 to 5) – primary (elementary) grade 6 school kids (age 5 – 11)

ABCya is a quality educational resource for grade school kids and has featured its popular educational computer games for such categories of learners in Scholastic Learn at Home, Apple, USA Today, Parents Magazine, and The New York Times.

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ABCya. Image credit: pinterest.com


7. Google Classroom

Google School Classroom has already become a free distance learning resource available in school classrooms granting teachers and students access to a curated search engine of quality educational content on the Internet including textbooks, primary sources, stories, and the news.

It is an educational technology tool that manages teachers’ and students’ learning.

Google School Classroom Education Apps

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service provided Google School classroom education app users. Students who have accounts may store up to 30 GB of data (documents, videos, graphics, photos, music, etc.) in their account.

Google Drive allows students to edit a document needed for a school classroom project while having online collaboration.

These tools allow teachers to make a variety of students’ online learning materials saved to the internet ‘cloud’ and are available to students anywhere, anytime.

Google Drive School Classroom Education Apps

Google Drive school classroom educational app frequently uses a wide range of G Suite apps like Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets; Google Calendar; Google Gmail; Google Hangout; Google Websites;

Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets

Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets is a G Suite app that allows students to create and manage word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations documents.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a G Suite app that can be used to enter events with the potential to be shared with others.

Google Gmail

Google Gmail is an educational technology G Suite app that allows students to send messages to other students and teachers either internally or openly.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a G Suite app that allows others to join a learning session through sharing video and voice.

Google Website

Google Website is a G Suite app of a web page software that allows the user to build a website to display and share information.

Google Classroom is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android-enabled devices.

Google Classroom
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Google Classroom. Image credit: https://edu.google.com/products/classroom/?modal_active=none


8. Khan Academy: Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a one-stop world-class free online distance education resource for smart and creative learning of basic skills for nursery pre-kindergarten, age 0 – 5 – primary grade school kids– secondary (high) and post-secondary school students up to college and higher learning and even for Master’s degree students.

The interactive learning app offers a remarkably wide range of personalized standard-allied subjects, with lesson activities and practice exercises in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Computer Programming, and Humanities, each lesson delivered through YouTube videos

The home education and school classroom learning app help post-secondary (college and higher education institution) students to develop independence by exploring learning.

Khan Academy is one of the most popular free online distance learning resources of the 21st-century website education system is a reliable teaching resource for both parents, teachers, and educators.

Khan Academy
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Khan Academy. Image credit: igismap.com



Quizlet is an educational technology app and tool that allows students’ and teachers’ online sharing of learning materials.

Through this educational website resource, students unlock their learning potentials by creating interactive and fun keyword flashcards; diagrams; practice spelling; play educational study games; competitively test their knowledge, skills, and abilities in study materials; and collaboratively engage with other students and friends in a virtual study session, providing customizable activities with their contributions in an array of topics in Languages, Poetry, Science, History, Music and more subject areas.

Teachers can discover learning content for their school classrooms amongst the millions of study sets needed by his students on Quizlet.

Quizlet mobile and the website-enabled app are currently used by (more than 20 million students and teachers each month).

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Quizlet. Image credit: quizlet.com


9. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Kids Learning Series

PBS Kids Learning Series offers interactive online educational materials and learning resources offered free for pre-kindergarten, age 0 – 5 through grade 6 primary (elementary) school kids (Pre-K–6), age 5 – 11, with loads of online educational videos and games and Mathematics and Language activities

The task of developing online children’s learning materials and tools fit perfectly into PBS’s identity as America’s largest classroom.

PBS Learning Media has curricular-based lesson plans to develop imagination, curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills from preschool kids–secondary (high) school students.

PBS Kids
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PBS Kids. Image credit: pbskids.org


10. Kahoot!

With Kahoot!, all school-aged children (nursery kindergarten kids; primary or elementary grade, secondary and high school student) can simply create, discover, play and share interactive and fun learning games or be created for them in just minutes—for any subject area, in any language, and on any internet-enabled computer device.

This free homeschooling educational website engages a student’s whole being in an intimate and captivating learning session, creating a wildly more social, meaningful, and influential instructional experience.

Kahoot! allows home classroom parents and school classroom teachers and educators to quickly create fun learning games for students based around multiple-choice questions after which the students can sign-in to the game ‘room’ through an assigned unique code to complete lessons and compete against their peers using any internet-enabled computer device.

Kahoot! promotes group engagement and discussion throughout a study session and offers the students more learning potentials through the promotion of students to proactively track their learning aims which motivate them into beating previous scores and inciting classroom discussions around the learning topic.

Kahoot! which was launched in 2013, is one of the world’s fastest-growing learning brands with more than 40 million monthly active users in 180 countries.


11. ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy (ABCmouse.com) is a global educational website resource in the school of early learning and home education that focuses on important basics in the four main curriculum subjects – Reading in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, and Art and Colours comprehensively offering more than 800 self-guided lessons spread across 10 progressive levels of learning featured in hundreds of intuitive and fun video games, lessons, printables, songs, and other online interactive media, each intended to teach a particular lesson.

The interactive fun games, voice instruction included, help pre-school-aged children to learn sounds, alphabets numbers, shape, arts, and colours as they assertively and fruitfully strengthen their established knowledge foundation.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy initiated by Age of Learning, Incorporated is a complete all-in-one online learning technology tool for pre-pre school kids through primary grade school children, aged  2–8. School kids can enjoy over 9,000 online homeschool and school classroom activities comfortably.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy also offers free online education for schools – ABCmouse for Schools, ABCmouse for Schools, and ABCmouse for Teachers, ABCmouse for Teachers in the US has a highly extensive, engaging, and educational online curriculum.

This award-winning online early learning academy (winner of the Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, Teachers’ Choice Award, and Parents’ Choice GOLD Award) has ‘Virtual Tickets and Rewards System’ that keeps the children excited and motivated.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android-enabled devices.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy
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ABC Mouse Early Learning. Image credit: https://www.abcmouse.com


12. Buncee

Buncee is a support, creativity, and presentation educational technology tool that enhances the 4 Cs of students’ learning skills: critical thinking, communication (sharing their thoughts), collaboration, and creativity, making a candidate for developing knowledge, skills, and abilities for sustainable future and better life.

Buncee, as an easy-to-use learning app, features engaging students-friendly multimedia lessons and presentations with interest-arousing graphics designed for fun and comprehensive learning experience both in-home classroom and school classroom.

Parents-turned teachers, teachers, and educators incorporate Buncee as both personalized (individualized) and differentiated instruction tools for language learning in special education needs as well as in lesson- and project-based learning areas.

Buncee is integrated into articulated students’ learning styles in project-based learning, research analysis, and reporting and digital infrastructure (Buncee is integrated into modes of expressed student learning including alternative book reports, research projects, digital storytelling, project-based learning, passion projects, and genius hour).

Buncee can be used to create a canvas, digital posters, micro-movies or simple games, and integration with Pixabay, YouTube, or any other multimedia website, it records audio and video lessons.

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Buncee. Image credit: app.edu.buncee.com


13. Funbrain

Funbrain is an online educational resource website with free fun and interactive activities – games, comics, books, and videos in its collection of children’s learning materials for nursery Pre-Kindergarten school-age children–primary (elementary) grade school–secondary (high) school students.

These free educational technology resources which are a form of interactive computer games intended to make kids’ learning fun focus on Mathematics, Reading and Literacy, Creative and Critical Reasoning, and Problem-solving skills.

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Funbrain. Image credit: youtube.com


14. Starfall

Starfall is a free kids’ educational resource for nursery Pre-Kindergarten – early primary (elementary) grade 3 school-age children, offering  an extensive library of interactive online reading, sight words, Language Arts, and Mathematics activities especially for school kids with special education needs or learning difficulties.

The technology resource applies to both homeschooling and school classroom learning, including a Parent-Teacher Center with printable lesson plans and worksheets.

Most of the online learning content in Starfall takes the form of multisensory games that engage different timeless methods of learning which makes it unaffected by pressure and distraction.

Starfall is also available as a learning app for smartphones and tablet users.

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Starfall. Image credit: commonsense.org


15. YouTube

YouTube offers a great number of free educational video resources on varying subject contents, including topics in preschool, reading and writing for learning literacy skills, music lessons, foreign language, and documentaries, Geography, Arts, Sciences, History, Economics, and more.

YouTube learning videos are YouTube Kids and YouTube.

YouTube Kids

YouTube kids is customized to offer educational videos and entertainment content to motivate and arouse the interest of schoolchildren and young learners to explore their imagination and inquisitiveness, offering them their favourite shows on.

The YouTube Kids online learning videos are viewed in the following YouTube channels:

Kids Learning TubeCrash Course Kids, SciShow Kids, Free School, Cosmic Kids Yoga, Peekaboo Kidz, National Geographic Kids,

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YouTube. Image credit: youtube.com/kids



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