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Free online educational websites and apps
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Free online homeschooling and classroom learning websites and apps for kids’ educational purposes. Photo credit: usatoday.com

Distance Education Resources: 30 free online educational websites and apps for school-aged children

30 free homeschooling and classroom learning websites and apps for the nursery (pre-preschoolers and pre-Kindergarten school-age children); primary (elementary) grade aged) and secondary school kids; college, high school, and higher learning students.

30 online education technology tools for school kids and students

One of the ways parents and teachers try to figure out how to keep the kids from experiencing a massive slide backward in learning when schools and child-care programs are closed is through online distance education.

Numerous free homeschooling and classroom learning websites and apps for the nursery (pre-preschoolers and pre-Kindergarten schoolchildren); primary or elementary grade aged) and secondary school kids; college, high school, and higher learning students abound.

We will discuss 30 homeschool and school classroom learning resources in this article for the benefit of all categories of learners, educators, and teachers, parents, and other education professions and stakeholders.

Ambleside Online

Discovery K12 and Discovery Education

CK-12 Foundation


Virtual field trips and virtual world tours

Sweet Search

Adventure Academy

E-Learning for Kids 

All In One Homeschool, (An example is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool) and All In One Highschool

Chrome Music Lab


National Geographic: National Geographic Kids 


Cool Math 4 Kids and Cool Math Games


PBS Kids Measure Up, PBS Kids Lab, PBS Kids and PBS Learning Media


Club SciKidz


Bedtime Math

Google Earth

Khan Academy: Khan Academy Kids





Smithsonian Learning Lab,


Ed place

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10 free learning technology tools

1. National Geography: National Geography Little Kids and National Geographic Kids

National Geography, which is an education technology companion to its print magazine, is a free home learning website that has lots of education and entertainment activities for all school-aged children.

National Geographic is a homeschooling and school classroom resources and a top-notch education technology tool for nursery Pre-kindergarten – primary (elementary) grade aged – secondary school-age children (K-12 learners).

It focuses on learning s sciences and the world’s natural environment and maps in virtual exploration via fun videos, games, and other interactive media as an online learning tool.

National Geography Little Kids allows preschool kids (pre-schoolers – Grade 2 primary school children) can see attractive nature photos in their supreme beauties and colorful animal videos in their natural habitat.

National Geographic Kids displays educational content through lots of fun games, fascinating videos, puzzles, and lovely photos.

National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic for Kids. Image credit: youtube.com


2. EdPlace

EdPlace is a free trial plan educational app that gives your child access to tons of interactive lesson worksheets encompassing the core national curriculum subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science up to GCSE level.

The adaptive technology tool is for primary grade school-age children through secondary school through high school and college students.


Edplace. Image credit: mumsnet.com


3. E-Learning for kids

E-Learning for kids is an online educational website resource for all school-aged children and students ranging from nursery pre-schoolers – Grade 6 school kids in subject areas like Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Health Education, Computer Science, Social and Environment Skills, among others.

E-Learning for kids has a ton of interactive lesson content that makes learning sessions fun, interesting, and captivating.

Elearning for kids

Elearning for kids. Photo credit: freekidbooks.org


4. Funbrain

Funbrain provides free educational activities – games, comics, books, and videos in its repertoire of children’s learning materials for nursery Pre-Kindergarten school-age children – the second year secondary school students (That is Kids in Grades Pre-K through Grade 8).

These free educational materials which are a form of interactive computer games intended to make kids’ learning fun focus on Mathematics, Reading and Literacy, Problem-solving skills.


Funbrain. Image credit: youtube.com


5. ABCya

ABCya is a kids’ educational website and app for computer games.

ABCya, has tons of fun, appealing educational computer games for nursery school and primary school-age kids across varying subjects including Speaking, Mathematics, Memorization activities, Typing, and others That is, from pre-Kindergarten school-age kids– Grade 6 elementary-aged students (Pre-K-6).

ABCya is a highly-prized educational app for grade school children has featured its popular educational computer games in Scholastic Learn at Home, Apple, USA Today, Parents Magazine, and The New York Times.


ABCya. Image credit: pinterest.com


6. Virtual field trips and virtual world tours

Virtual field trips and world tours are great ways to capture the imaginative and experiential minds of our school-age kids and higher learning students.

See many interesting places in the world (virtual explorations of Great Canyon, Arizona, US, Colosseum, Italy, and more) and enhance your kids’ memorable learning experience without leaving the four walls of a room in your house or through interactive computer technology tools Livestream happenings.

This homeschooling and classroom education technology tool specializes in subjects like Life Science, Social Studies, Geography, and Ancient civilization for nursery Pre-kindergarten school-age childrengrade 8 students (K-8 learners).

Virtual field trips and virtual world tour, as an education website has online distance education videos and exercises that align with widely-accepted standards for video lessons and testing,

Virtual field trips and virtual world tour can be offered in the following online distance education program: Learn Around The World, Scholastic and Google Lit Trips

Virtual Field Trips and World Tours

Virtual Field Trips and World Tours. Photo credit: theeducatorsspinonit.com


7. Cool Math

Cool Math can be offered as Cool Math 4 Kids and Cool Math Games

Cool Math 4 Kids is a free education website that has a mix of games and lessons, and there are quizzes with certificates available at the end of the Math Lesson.

Cool Math Games
This homeschooling and classroom learning website offers tons of free online virtual games ranging from virtual board games to computer video-game that incorporates Mathematics skills into the simulation.

Cool Math for Kids

Cool Math for Kids. Photo credit: vibrantchristianliving.com


8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a one-stop world-class online education resource for smart and creative learning of basic skills for nursery pre-kindergarten (pre-K) – kindergarten school children and the Mathematics lessons are for kindergarten children – primary-secondary school students (K-12 learners) are expanded to high, college and higher learning and even for Master’s degree students.

Free all-users interactive learning app offers an amazingly wide range of personalized standard-allied subjects, aligned lesson activities, and practice exercises for all levels of learning.

High school students, college and higher education student’s focus on the solid foundation built and develop independence to explore learning through the homeschooling and classroom learning app.

About 4,300 video lessons and tutorials can be watched with this education app, as well as readable articles, on topics including Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Computer Programming, and Humanities. Each topic includes lessons delivered through YouTube videos.

The free educational app is for both students and teachers. Teachers and educators use the website technology tool independently as a teaching resource, and parents can create a parent account, set up their kids’ accounts from which they can track their children’s progress.

Khan Academy is one of the most popular free online distance learning resources of the 21st-century website education system.

The learning app is available on iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, and Android.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy. Image credit: igismap.com


9. Ambleside Online

Just like Khan Academy, Ambleside Online has an established reputation in the homeschooling environment as a quality online education technology resource for children in pre-schoolers through kindergarten school-age kids through Grade 12 secondary and high school students (That is, grades K-12 learners).

It provides a list of books and resources for each elementary grade aged level student, covering subject areas like Mathematics, English Literature, Sciences, Geography, History, as well as Foreign Languages. It also includes Picture and Composer studies in its learning curriculum.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online. Photo credit: ambleonline.co.uk


10. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Kids Learning Series:

PBS Kids Measure Up: learning fun videos and games for Pre-kindergarten through kindergarten (Pre-K–K) 

PBS Kids Lab offers outstanding Mathematics and Language activities to PBS Kids family for prekindergarten through Grade 2 primary school children (Pre-K–2) 

PBS Kids offers interactive online educational materials and learning resources offered free for Pre-K through Grade 6 primary school children (Pre-K–6) with loads of online educational games, videos, and stories

The task of developing online children’s learning materials and tools fit perfectly into PBS’s identity as “America’s largest classroom.”

PBS Learning Media lesson plans are curricular-based lesson plans to develop curiosity, creativity, and imagination from preschool kids–high school students.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids. Image credit: pbskids.org


11. GoNoodle

The free app and education website with lots of active video and games and designed to manage kids’ energy levels through homeschool- and classroom-friendly physical exercise programs.


GoNoodle. Image credit: apkpure.com


12. All-in-One Homeschool

All-in-One Homeschool: An example of All-in-One Homeschool is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

All-in-One Homeschool is a massive online resource for home education. The home curriculum has lessons, computer games, and assignments in Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary, etc. for preschool age kids through primary grade through Grade 7 secondary school students. Each grade level has 180 days of home educational materials.

All-in-One Highschool is a sister educational website to All-in-One Homeschool that offers homeschooling for high school students, grades 8-12.

All-in-one homeschool

All-in-one homeschool. Image credit: youtube.com


13. Newsela

Newsela is a free online home and school education technology resource that uses interesting and significant news and articles contents to form reading stories to promote literacy skills, delivered on daily basis at five different reading and maturity levels of complexity for Grades 2 primary school-aged children through Grade 12 secondary school students.

This free distance learning tool allows teachers and parents to assess reading comprehension and words, monitor improvement, and personalize lesson contents. Even though Newsela’s Pro version is available at an additional cost.


Newsela. Image credit: newsela.com


14. Sweet Search

Sweet Search can be used freely by pre-kindergarten, primary school-age children, secondary school, college, and higher education students, as well as graduate, postgraduate and career experts, among others, as a search engine to source for online educational website information.

Sweet Search

Sweet Search. Image credit: 21centuryedtech.wordpress.com


15. Amazon Freetime

Amazon Freetime is a free one-month trial learning app, granting the student access to learning videos, books, music, TV shows, among others, and as an educational website is actually a webstore for online learning books, workbooks, and lots more for school-aged children (Pre-Kindergarten through elementary-aged grade school students).

Amazon Freetime

Amazon Freetime. Image credit: popsugar.com


16. CK-12 Foundation

The CK-12 Foundation is one of the many free online distance educational resources that offer exciting learning program and some extracurricular activities like Photography to kindergarten, primary and secondary school children and students (Grades K-12 learners)

The CK-12 Foundation also offers free courses to college and higher learning students.

CK-12 Foundation

CK-12 Foundation. Image credit: ck12.org


17. Smithsonian Learning Lab

Smithsonian Learning Lab free educational website offers images, texts, videos and audio recordings, game resources, a collection of museum artifacts and galleries and their arrays of other kids’ learning materials ranging from Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to nutrition lesson contents to pre-kindergarten school childrenGrade 12 students (K-12 learners)high school students for homeschooling and classroom learning activities.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Smithsonian Learning Lab. Image credit: northernvirginiamag.com


18. YouTube: YouTube Kids and YouTube

YouTube offers an unimaginable number of free educational video resources on varying subject topics (contents), including preschool topics, reading and writing for learning literacy skills, music lessons, foreign language, STEM and documentaries, among others for all school-aged children from preschoolers –elementary grade aged–high school students.

The YouTube Kids online learning website videos are viewed in the following YouTube channels:

Kids Learning Tube

Kids Learning Tube,

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids,

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids,

Free School

Free School,

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga,

Peekaboo Kidz

Peekaboo Kidz,

National Geography kids

National Geographic Kids,

Science channel

Science Channel,

Big Think

Big Think,

Geography Focus

Geography Focus,

Homeschool Pop

Homeschool Pop,

Chalk Academy

Chalk Academy,

TED Education

TED Education


YouTube. Image credit: youtube.com


19. Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is an online educational technology tool that enables secondary and high school students to have an exploration of hands-on-experiments exploration in Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts through Musical connections and share lessons.

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab. Image credit: youtube.com


20. DeltaMath

DeltaMath is a free educational app that guides Grade 6-9 students (junior high school) through college students into learning Mathematics skills by covering a varied good number of Mathematics lessons.

DeltaMath also allows educators and parents to assign Mathematics practice exercises to students and get immediate feedback on the completed exercises.

Delta Math

Delta Math. Image credit: youtube.com


21. Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math is a free online learning app for school-aged children to practice Mathematics with fun days, and be capable of Mathematics skills.

The learning resource can be adjusted to 4 different skills and age levels.

Bedtime Math has an option for parents and educators to receive Math challenges by emailson a daily basis. The education technology resource also offers books and worksheets to school kids.

Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math. Image credit: bedtimemath.org


22. Discovery Series: Discovery K12 and Discovery Education

Discovery K12 is a free homeschool and classroom education technology website that offers complete packaged online courses for preschoolers through Grade 12 students in Mathematics, Sciences, Reading, Literature, Language, Arts, and more.

Discovery Education provides access to quality education for professional development through multimedia content and virtual textbooks as an online distance education resource.

Discovery K-12

Discovery K-12. Photo credit: discoveryk12.com


23. Google Earth

Google Earth is a free online distance education resource that is suitable for varied learning levels – primary and secondary grade school-age students, college, and higher learning students.

It displays a visual interpretation of geographical images and others relating to the global locations, physical and natural features in a three-dimensional framework.

The subject-specific educational app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android-enabled computer devices.

Google Earth

Google Earth. Image credit: igismap.com


24. Club SciKidz blog

Club SciKidz blog is an online distance learning resource that offers the science-related activities and experiments and daily Home Economics for school kids’ (from kindergarten through Grade 6 school-age children) homeschooling for free.

Club Scikidz

Club Scikidz. Photo credit: www.clubscikidz.com


25. Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is an online education resource from the creators of ABCMouse with 30-day free trial that offers school children (from Kindergarten up to Grade 9 secondary (high) school students) the opportunity to play a game in Mathematics, Science, Reading, and others.

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy. Image credit; youtube.com


26. Starfall

Starfall is a free kids’ educational resource for nursery Pre-Kindergarten through early elementary grade 3 school-age children offering an extensive library of interactive online reading, sight words, Language Arts and Mathematics activities especially for school kids with special needs or learning difficulties for both homeschooling and school classroom learning, including a Parent-Teacher Center with printable lesson plans and worksheets.

Most of the online learning content takes the form of multisensory games that engage different timeless methods of learning which makes it unaffected by pressure and distraction.

Starfall is also available as a learning app for smartphones and tablet users.


Starfall. Image credit: commonsense.org


 27. SplashLearn or SplashMath

SplashLearn or SplashMath is a free online educational technology resource, is explicitly geared towards nursery school and primary school age students in Grades K-5 (preschool–Grade 5) just like ABCya, who need extra assistance and motivation with Mathematics so as to boost the confidence and performance of kids in school.

The educational Mathematics app offers fun online computer games and printables for a digital home and school classrooms.


SplashLearn. Image credit: apkpure.com


29. Storyline

Storyline is a record-breaking free kids’ education website with a load of free videos of popular people (actors, sportsmen, and authors) reading children’s books loudly so that the kids can listen to the story as it is read, follow the words and watch the colourful animation displays.

Storyline as an online distance learning tool can help the school children (nursery pre-schoolers through elementary grade aged) learn the correct pronunciation of words and their vocabulary usages in sentence build-ups.


Storyline. Image credit: ausdroid.net


30. Scholastic ‘Learn at Home’

Scholastic ‘Learn at Home’ for preschool-aged kids through higher grade students.

Scholastic Learn at home as one of the finest providers of kids’ learning materials in the online education industry, offers free home learning activity packs in modules even in videos too, for nursery preschool-aged (kindergarten aged) kids, through elementary grade aged students through Grade 9 (K –9) secondary school age students for a 20-day period, three hours learning opportunities each day,  extending numerously in Mathematics, Sciences, Language Arts (ELA), etc., broken down into different grade levels.

The learning website resource is available on iPads and iPhones.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home. Photo credit: classroommagazines.scholastic.com


Code.org provides free online computer coding lessons for all school-aged kids at all levels of learning. The information technology lessons in code.org education website also teach other relevant topics that make the student think like a computer programmer while completing online modules using engaging videos and fun games.

Code.org also helps schoolchildren or kids to earn to create their own educational apps and games learn challenging tasks at his or her pace independently or with little supervision.

Students also enjoy using Google Earth to study geography or learning computer coding through Code.org.


Codakid/Code.org. Image credit: codakid.org



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