5 cyber security innovations to adopt in 2023 and beyond to prevent current and future cyber attacks


Cyber security innovative solutions for 2023 for prevention of current and future cyber attacks

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5 cybersecurity innovations that confronts current cyber attacks now and beyond

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5 cyber security advancements that prevents current cyber attacks in 2023

Have a Facebook account? Hackers likely have your personal data

5 cyber security innovations to adopt in 2023 and beyond to prevent current and future cyber attacks

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IT companies and businesses need cybersecurity solutions to protect their operations

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Shield Icon of Cyber Security Digital Data, and Technology Global Network Digital Data Protection. Image credit: Unsplash

Protecting your business from growing security threats is a top priority. Businesses of all sizes have since 2021 increased their spending on cybersecurity solutions to protect their operations.

It is estimated that spending on information security and risk management products and services will grow by 11.3% to reach more than $188.3 billion in 2023 with loud security category forecast to have the strongest growth in 2023 and 2024. Cyber criminals won’t be deterred, so cyber-attacks are not going away so soon in the near future.

The yearly average data breach cost increased the most between the year’s 2020 and 2021 – a spike likely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The average data breach costs in 2022 is $4.35 million, a 2.6% rise from 2021 amount of $4.24 million.

In today’s high rate of inflation and supply chain disruptions, economic uncertainty and ongoing talent shortages, organizations need comprehensive security that enables more protection without increasing spending.

Information Technology companies should build a simplified and comprehensive security solution with interconnected product families that protect their entire multicloud, multiplatform digital estate and leverage built-in threat intelligence.

Here we explore five cybersecurity innovations that confronts cyber attacks now in 2022 and beyond in 2023 and 2024 with more value and simplicity to our customers to do more with less capabilities which information technology (IT) firms could turn on.

Cybersecurity should build in security from the onset with secure code development solutions

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Cyber security innovative trends of 2023: Secure code development solutions. Image by James Osborne from Pixabay

Firstly, cybersecurity innovations that confronts current cyber attacks now and beyond requires that the cybersecurity be built from the start. It’s critically important to build in security of your firm from the beginning with secure code development solutions. 2023 could be instrumental for the breakthrough.

To stay protected across clouds, IT businesses should start securing cloud-native protection throughout the cloud application lifecycle. Innovatively, cloud security requires a comprehensive approach and a centralized, integrated solution to mitigate risk from code to cloud. Applications may be deployed without first addressing security in code. Amidst any associated security challenges and incapabilities associated with innovative cloud security, cybersecurity and development team are required to reconfigure or rebuild and deploying the application to address the security inefficiencies in products and services offering

Customers can use the attack path analysis built on the cloud security graph to identify the most critical risk on the most important cloud resources along potential cyber attack paths.

The new scanning capabilities of the secure development innovation provide full coverage and real-time assessments across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling customers to minimize vulnerabilities and cloud misconfigurations, and effectively prioritize and drive remediation in created stack definition and promote infrastructure code through a pipeline.

For example, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Defender for DevOps, which empowers security teams to unify, strengthen, and manage DevOps security and announced the preview of Microsoft Defender Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for their customers’ security teams can save time and remediate the most critical risks with contextual cloud security.

The Defender CSPM is capable of connecting the dots for security teams, integrating insights from Defender for DevOps, Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management (EASM), and a business’ workload protection solutions.

Shift of IT security from human to machine speed

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Cyber security innovation in 2023 to prevent current and future cyber attacks. The shift from human speed to machine learning powered solutions. Image by alan9187 from Pixabay 

As IT-offering entities embrace machine learning-powered solutions, they’ll be able to better thwart threats, lighten the workload of security analysts and keep ahead of competitors.

Machines can process vast amounts of data stored from companies and report anomalous behavior. The variety of information needed to fully understand what is happening and what can happen, from logs to network traffic, endpoint data, cloud and identity data, and more is collected and combined with contextual information such as threat information, asset severity measurements, etc. Vulnerabilities for linking data.

Today, security analysts are turning to security data lakes to easily store and access this critical data. Once an agency collects data, it should apply advanced analytics using machine learning algorithms to improve threat detection and response times. These translation tools help government agencies identify potential threats, prioritize vulnerability remediation and architectural adjustments, and identify and understand ongoing attacks. Speed ​​and context matter. For example, most government agencies maintain billions of security-related logs every day, and security analysts need to be able to parse critical data automatically and intelligently. When security teams organize logs and enrich them with important contextual information, they can more accurately and efficiently detect suspicious activity, such as insider threats, and conduct incident investigations. Machine speed analysis adds another layer of protection to human efforts.

To adequately address current (and future) threats, IT teams must step up their efforts by paradigm shift of IT security from human to machine speed – a cyber security innovation capable of dislodging cyber attacks in our today’s world and beyond. Cybersecurity solutions powered by machine learning give security analysts the tools they need to automate many tasks, reducing the number of analysts federal agencies need to employ in the first place. I can do it.

Data security management across clouds and platforms

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Cyber security innovative trends in 2023. Data security management across clouds and platforms. Photo by Shamin Haky on Unsplash

The third cyber security advancement that can potential render cyber criminality impotent is data security management across clouds and platforms.

Once an organization has committed to a cloud environment for data, applications, platforms and infrastructure, the next task is to create a cloud security management policy. The management policy should address critical considerations — such as how employees can interact with the cloud, the types of data that can be sent and stored there, access controls and more.

To help protect sensitive data, strong security against both external threats and insider risks relies on well-managed endpoints

Developing a cloud security management policy can be done using many approaches, including adapting an existing Information Security Policy (infosec policy) – InfoSec Policy (means policies, processes, and tools designed and deployed to protect sensitive business information and data assets from unauthorized access).

 or using a software package like Microsoft’s advanced endpoint management plan  – mission-critical endpoint and security management tools in Microsoft Intune, cloud-powered unified management solution that can help protect endpoints in the cloud, on-premises, and across device platforms. is another step in providing a comprehensive solution.

Data security management suites should include capabilities such as endpoint privilege management, intelligent automation and data insights, remote help, and automated app patching.

Prevention of shared sensitive data through and reduction in insider risk

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Cyber security in 2023: Sharing of sensitive data could result in breach. Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

In modern IT practices, we consider prevention of shared sensitive data through and reduction in insider risk as an improvement strategy in cyber security capabilities to prevent the nature of cyber attacks prevalent today for our today and tomorrow.

The Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report based on analysis of more than 79,000 confirmed security incidents, including over 5,200 confirmed data breaches showed that cyber attacks are a real threat to sensitive data and cloud security. https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/data-breach-statistics-facts/

Incidents involving data breaches are happening all of the time with devastating consequences for individuals and businesses alike.

The financial impact data breach incidents reported above is enormous. To prevent this, companies must make sure their sensitive data isn’t being inappropriately shared—or even removed—by employees, unintentionally or not.

How can IT firms and businesses protect sensitive data? According to Louisiana State University, encryption is the most effective way to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Encryption can be defined as transforming the data into an alternative format that can only be read by a person with access to a decryption key.  There are various resources available to encrypt data that you store on your machine. Some readily available options include Bitlocker on the Microsoft Windows platform and FileVault for Mac OS X.

Protecting people and devices is not just about threats coming from the outside. Organizations need inside-out protection too.

A holistic insider risk management program that makes it easier to prepare for and mitigate these insider risks is commendable. This means deploying a solution that optimizes data protection strategy across the cloud, apps, and devices while reducing complexity.

Some examples of best data protection software packages for centralized data control strategy, cloud-based service for unexpected data loss and managing backups, vulnerability scanning, sensitive data tracker are N-able Cove Data Protection, Manage Engine Data Security Plus, Azure Information Protection, FireEye Helix, Acronis Cyber Protect, and others.

Ensure flexible and secured built trust fabric

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Cyber security for ensuring flexible and secured built trust fabric. Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Lastly, cybersecurity innovation that confronts current cyber attacks for IT safety in 2022, 2023 and 2024 and possibly beyond is to ensure flexible and secured built trust fabric.

Having a secured built rising apps and clouds along with infrastructure as code, organizations can increasingly be dynamic. Trust fabric refers to the interconnection of these (smart) entities, be it (smart) companies, cities, cloud, villages, devices, AI algorithms, networks, gadgets so that a human experience is safe, fair & trusted.

Organizations need to build a trust fabric in their organizations that includes flexible governance without sacrificing protection.

Identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions help businesses and customers with the lifecycle workflow management (lifecycle managament) of their user identities. Specifically, an identity governance and administration solution works with IAM tools to manage passwords, automate workflows, manage permissions, ensure compliance through comprehensive reporting, and streamline processes across various applications—whether they’re on-premises or on the cloud.

Identity governance and management solutions help organizations modernize their approach to security by reducing risk, enhancing identity access management, and improving compliance and audit performance. It also helps increase efficiency and productivity and reduce costs by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks and automating labor-intensive tasks.

Organization would ensure that the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time.

Some examples of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software tools are SailPoint Identity Platfor, Oracle Identity Manager, Okta Lifecycle Management, Saviynt Security Manager.

Optimization through consolidation offers simplify operations simplification, regulatory support requirements, and multiple identity point solutions consolidation.

Like many technologies, early identity governance solutions have since moved largely to the cloud after they had resided on-prem. For example, access certifications, access requests, password management, and provisioning are all available as cloud-based services.

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