Best Sales Tips: Top 10 Ways to Grow Customers’ Perception of Your Products and Shoot up Your Sales


Best Sales Tips: Top 10 Ways to Grow Customers' Perception of Your Products and Shoot up Your Sales

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Best Sales Tips: Top 10 Ways to Grow Customers’ Perception of Your Products and Shoot up Your Sales

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Best Sales Tips: Top 10 Ways Customers Recognize Your Products and Buy Them

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How customers’ thoughts and behaviours determine your sales volume and value

Making sales is going beyond the usual way of displaying goods and services and expecting customers to make purchases. Customers’ perceptions, thoughts and behaviours go a long way to determining your sales volume and value.

There are arts and science of being a good salesperson. This makes sales a complex process.

There are also elements of human behaviour, understanding, memorization, perception, and thought that will influence customers to buy your products and as well develop long-term sales value for your goods and products. The complexity of sales is connected to human behavior and cognition, in short.

This breakthrough in knowledge and skills, influential and value creation for making huge and successful sales is what this blog is about.

Scientifically, there is an element or some level of neural recognition and memorization expected in the sale of a product – the techniques of which can boost sales.

It is immaterial if you are selling a digital product online or you run a brick-and-mortar business, these behavioral neuroscience principles outlined in this in-depth article will work for your business and help drive more visitors into your marketing funnel and convert casual visits into sales.

Best Sales Tips: Top 10 Ways Customers Can Easily Recognize Your Products and Buy Them

How do customers’ perceptions, thoughts and behaviours determine your sales volume and value? In this blog, we shall consider the 10 best ways you can grow vital customers’ perception of your products to make them buy from you and grow your business at the same time uncompromisingly.

1. Keep your promises to gain customers’ trust

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One of the best sales tips that will make customers have a good perception of your products and buy from you is to deliver on your promises. Image credit: Boldomatic

One of the best sales tips that will make customers have a good perception of your products and buy from you is to deliver on your promises. The most trustworthy brands are those that deliver on their promises.

Always follow through when a customer is promised a callback at a certain time, a delivery is to be made on a certain date, or a promotional offer is given as the customer experience becomes increasingly sophisticated due to the many technologies and channels.

Rather than failing to follow through with your promise to a customer, surpass his expectations by offering even more than initially promised, such as shipping a product sooner or offering a special discount to thank the customer for his loyalty.

Delivering your promises earlier will even prevent unforeseeable future eventualities that could hamper meeting the promised deadline or providing it at all.

2. Give clear and concise information about your products and service offerings

An important part of sales communication is not just knowing how to describe your products and services but also communicating the features, prices, and benefits of your products to a consumer clearly and concisely in an attempt to make a sale.

To genuinely develop trust with your customer includes honestly telling consumers about your product, including both its benefits and shortcomings and that is one of the best sales tips to make customers distinguish your products from others and buy from you.

Conduct research to become an expert on your product’s features and purposes so you can inform your customers clearly and concisely honestly and to any of your sales prospects. Find out all answers relating to questions about products – their benefits, how and why they’re useful, and how they can help people live better.

3. Use data in examples to prove your value.

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An example of Amazon’s Social Proof. Social proof, a good sales tip can show what people bought with the product you are buying, what people also looked at, the products they recommend to go with what you’re buying, and added customers’ reviews to create product value and prime the customer into buying. Image credit: Optinmonster

Today’s customers need to have a good understanding of your products in their cognitive thoughts and memorization and excellent perception to buy your goods. This relates to neuroscience sales tips that will shoot up your products’ sales.

Provide statistical examples to prove your value to your customers to better your sales prospects through sharing customers’ testimonies, use of influential competitors’ comparisons, providing excellent customer service, gathering and sharing social proof, building customer community, and creating content solely for the community members.

Customers always need to justify their decision to buy your products, so there is a need to build a positive and strong brand perception about the products as a sale tip.

4. Use Influence to drive value.

Part of the value that leaders bring to any company is the ability to influence the future direction of their company in the area of increasing sales. One of the sales tips needed to make customers have excellent thoughts about your goods and buy from you is the use of influence to drive value.

There is a need to use the power of inspiration to motivate your sales team to drive the products’ value and sales volume appreciably and profitably up.

Good leaders use their influence to get behind their team, to motivate, encourage and ultimately drive products and sales value and employees’ interests. As business people, we have become programmed to focus primarily on financial results. Financial results won’t be impressive without increased sales.

Anders Liu-Lindberg, a leading advisor to senior Finance and FP&A leaders on how to succeed with business partnering outlined the formula for successful business partnering as INSIGHT X INFLUENCE = IMPACT.

5. Don’t sell your products until you sell yourself first

Another technique in our best neuroscience sales tips that builds positive brand perception about your products is selling yourself first before selling your products.

While companies’ reputations and products do not always win deals where most companies’ products are of high quality and solve the core of the same customers’ problems, the big variable in all sales opportunities is selling yourself. Customers consider in certain sales environments the person they are buying from and not necessarily the product.

Selling yourself is about showing that you are a better partner and a better advocate than the other salespersons and that it is better to buy from you than to buy from the other person.

Customers’ loyalty is changing and they don’t return simply because it’s where they purchased previously especially when the product has many sale channels. They re-purchase because salespeople took the time to build a relationship, giving the customer a reason to buy from their company.

6. Build interest and desire with features and benefits

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Product benefits and features of animal food. Image credit: Nice very nice.

Salespersons are advised to build interest and desire for their products and services with sellable features and benefits in order to create a lasting cognitive memory of the products in the mind of their customers to promote the value and guarantee sales in high volumes.

To turn product features into benefits and make a customer buy your products, tell others about them, and return for more, do the following:

  • Giving customers a reason to buy from you with the idea that products have immediate and long-time benefits.
  • Offer any benefits of the products your competitors don’t offer. This makes your product-marketing task to your customers a lot easier–and makes it much easier to demonstrate value since you know what customers need and want in your space.

7. Sell the results of using and selling the products to customers, not the features

One of the best ten sales tips for growing customers’ mental cognition and good perception of your products and improving sales is to tell success stories and share operational and marketing results with your potential customers. Sharing operational and marketing results instead of features allows your customers to see how they can grow and scale their tasks to satisfy their personal needs. It also makes it easier for them to buy the products you are selling because they are seeing results. This is when customer testimonials come in handy.

One of the most effective ways of increasing sales and credibility strategies is to use profits to build needs and understanding that it’s much better to sell the results of a product rather than the product itself. Selling the result is to give a clear picture of where your customer could be in a future scenario, representing the problem you have solved. Sell the benefits, not the features.

Top performers sell solutions to challenges. An example: “From our conversations, I understand A, B, and C are going on in your organization and I think that if you can alleviate C that will lead to immediate savings of more than $200,000 and more than $1.5 million in savings annually. It will also free up your staff to spend their time on more productive activities.”

8. Build credibility using trust and expertise

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Earning customer trust, a viable sales tip is, therefore, a matter of making the customer experience truly seamless, effortless, and always customer-centric. Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey on trust and credibility, Trust and transparency are as important to corporate reputation as the quality of your products and services.

Increasing sales and making more money also depend on credibility. You cannot be successful in business if you lack credibility. The best brands can boast of their products, as they have become known and credible over the years.

You must sell your personal credibility before you can sell anything else and winning the loyalty of customers begins with earning their trust. Earning customer trust is therefore a matter of making the customer experience truly seamless, effortless, and always customer-centric.

Developing your questioning, vocal, and conversational skills will help you build on a strong first impression by gaining trust and establishing credibility. Again, it’s possible to build credibility by showing your clients’ success stories.

Selling products benefits creates credibility and trust when the customer decides to buy something. Trust + experience = credibility, according to HBR

Good customer service is the hallmark of your company’s credibility and credibility is built from the beginning.

9. Sales is a “give, give and give” relationship with customers

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A product offered at a 50% discount. Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Sales as a “give, give and give” relationship to customers is one of the best tips customers have excellent influential thoughts about your goods and buy from you and tell others about it.

When you are selling a product in an on/offline market, “giving” should be a marketing strategy that adds value. For example, you could give out a little part of your investment free to customers or say 25% credit to customers who subscribe to your online sales channel, as Lineo does.

If you are the author of a book, you could give out the first two chapters of your book for free. Giving is what we do daily, and it’s the only way to build a sales relationship with potential customers.

This type of strategy is based on the idea in your customers are your best salespeople. But, before they can recommend your product to others, you need to decide to give and give. That is how a relationship is built between you and your clients in today’s world.

10. Set sales standards

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A sale standard is a set of best practices, lessons learned, and minimal operating procedures that help create discipline and structure that form the baseline for selling products and services. Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unspl

There is a way to put discipline into the sales function without breaking its spirit or killing the motivation of the sales team and still retain your products in the cognitive memory of your customer who buys from you. The way is the use of ‘Sales standards’.

Sales standards are not policies and procedures, according to Clean Link. They are a set of best practices, lessons learned, and minimal operating procedures that help create discipline and structure that form the baseline for selling products and services in the midst of nuances of multiple relationships, shifting rules and goals, fierce competition with the interplay of multiple layers of decision-makers, influencers, and spoilers to navigate in an uncertain and dynamic sales environment.

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