Canada budgets millions to International Students


Canada budgets

Canada budgets millions to International Students

Canada budgets a huge amount running in millions to boost international education.

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The major investment in international education was included in the Canadian federal budget 2019, with a focus on supporting the new International Education Strategy and outbound mobility as well as to promote the quality of Canadian education abroad.

The government proposed to invest CA$147m and $8m per year after that.

For the fact that Canada budgets this huge for international education implies that more fund will be available to support work and study opportunities abroad. The development of an outbound student mobility program and promotion Canadian education abroad with a focus on its quality will be assured.

The association last year advocated  for an initial investment of $10m over 5 years to support outward mobility. Canada budgets the millions of dollars to meet the demands of the advocacy.

Both Universities Canada and CICan welcomed the investment in outward mobility and promotion of opportunities.

BCCIE executive director Randall Martin said that the development of support and recognition of international education fundamentals, new admitted students and graduating students, Canada’s labour market and students’ personal learning and growth has been long-awaited by the country’s education sector.

Larissa Bezo highlighted that rendering international learning experiences support is one of the best ways to strengthen the values of transparency and inclusiveness and on which the Canadian society’s successes strives.

Denise Amyot, CEO and president at CICan, also highlighted that the investment will help the association’s members diversify their recruitment efforts in new and emerging markets, an effort the industry has become increasingly vocal about.

Languages Canada’s executive director Gonzalo Peralta welcomed the news and its significance in terms of recognition and support for the sector.

He underlined the necessity for the language training sector to play a key role in achieving the objectives of the International Education Strategy.

Hinting at the association’s efforts to retrieve access to work for language students, Peralta pointed out that some improvements don’t require a financial investment from the federal government.

Posted: March 23, 2019, | Category: International News
Source: ThePIE


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