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Free educational technology apps for school kids and students

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Free educational technology apps for school kids and students. Image credit: newszii.com

Distance Education Resources: 10 free learning technology apps for all school-aged kids through higher learning students

Homeschooling and classroom educational apps for pre-Kindergarten (pre-schoolers); primary grade (elementary) and secondary schools; college and high school students.

There are many free homeschool and classroom learning resources available to all school-aged kids (pre-Kindergarten); primary grade (elementary) and secondary schools, college, and high school students for distance education.

Here is a detailed discussion of 10 educational technology apps and tools for the benefits of the school kids and students as well as parents and teachers.

Bedtime Math

Google Earth

Khan Academy: Khan Academy Kids





Smithsonian Learning Lab,



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Distance Education Resources: 10 free learning technology tools

Distance Education Resources: 10 free online education technology tools

1. Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math is a free learning app for about 3 – 10 years of school-aged children. It is not just Mathematics for bedtime stories as its name indicates but created for school kids and elementary students to practice Math with fun days, and be proficient in Mathematics skills.

The learning resource has Mathematics activities and games in its mini-lesson content and it takes about 5 minutes to complete an activity.  It can be adjusted to 4 different skills and age levels.

This free education technology app that is offered in the Spanish Language has an option for parents and teachers to receive daily Mathematics challenges by email. Bedtime Math educational app also offers books and worksheets for school kids.

Bedtime Math
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Bedtime Math. Image credit: bedtimemath.org

2. Google Earth

Google Earth is a free online distance education resource that is suitable for a wide range of learning levels – primary and secondary grade school students, college, and higher learning students.

It displays a visual interpretation of geographical images and others relating to the global physical and natural features in a three- and four-dimensional framework. The information from this online distance education resource is sourced from available data from the Earth’s geography.

Students use Google Earth to identify and study locations – their homes, schools, libraries by comparing different familiar places to the location they wish to find.

The subject-specific educational app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android-enabled computer.

Google Earth
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Google Earth. Image credit: igismap.com

3. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a one-stop world-class online education resource for smart and creative learning of basic skills for pre-kindergarten (pre-K) – kindergarten school children to acquire 21st-century education

This free interactive learning app offers a fun learning experience, like adorable cartoon numbers, fruits, and animals, associated with common core ideals for preschool kids.

Free all-users educational resource with interactive online learning content offered amazingly in a wide range of standard-allied subjects, aligned lesson activities, and practice exercises for all levels of learning. Not just that it offers lessons in all subjects, the lessons are also personalized. The personalized learning structure empowers students to learn at their own pace in both virtual classrooms and in homeschools.

Khan Academy makes school kids have a strong grasp on basic knowledge and skills; helping the children on a subject they find difficult to deal with or develop an interest in a subject they don’t like.

High school students, college, and higher education student’s focus on the solid foundation built and develop independence to explore learning through the homeschooling app.

About 4,300 video lessons and tutorials can be watched with this education app, as well as readable articles, on topics including Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Computer Programming, and Humanities (History, Art, Economics and Finances) either by streaming them from the website or downloading them for later viewing when an internet connection is not readily available. Each topic includes lessons delivered through YouTube videos.

The Mathematics lessons for kindergarten children – primary-secondary school students (K-12 learners) are expanded to include AP Advanced Calculus even for Master’s degree students guiding the learners utilizing state-of-the-art, intuitive and adaptive technology with professional feedback that identifies learning strengths and weaknesses. The learning content can assign exercises, quizzes, and problem set tests prep for school kids and students.

The free learning app is for both students and teachers. Teachers and educators use the website tool independently as a teaching resource, and parents can create a parent account, set up their kids’ accounts from which they can track their children’s progress.

This personalized online education resource that provides free technology tools for students to learn anything, anywhere, was started by American educator Salman Khan to provide quality education for all students in our 21st-century education system.

Khan Academy has an established reputation as a superior learning resource in the congested learning space homeschooling community and is one of the most popular free online distance learning resources of the 21st-century website education system.

Khan Academy also partnered with institutions like MIT, The Museum of Modern Art, NASA, The California Academy of Sciences, and to offer specific educational content. The learning app is available on iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, and Android.

Khan Academy
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Khan Academy. Image credit: bitner.se

4. Starfall

Starfall is a free kids’ educational resource for Pre-K through early elementary Grade 3 school children. Launched in 2002 by Dr. Stephen Schutz, Starfall offers an extensive library of interactive online reading, sight words, Language Arts, and Mathematics activities for homeschooling, including a Parent-Teacher Center with printable lesson plans and worksheets. The learning activities are easy to find and arranged by discipline, season, or curricular topic. A kid can choose a level of reading (basic alphabet, starting to read, having fun with reading, etc.) and even pick categories that match his or her interest like choosing the ‘Game’ category will make you do activities and exercises in games.

The expanded educational content requires an annual membership subscription fee.

Most of the online educational content takes the form of multisensory games that engage different timeless methods of learning which makes it unaffected by pressure and distraction.

Starfall, as an online distance learning tool, is a particularly valuable and widely-used educational resource for preschoolers and elementary school kids with special needs or learning difficulties, effectively helping the targeted kids cultivate reading skills

Starfall uses play and exploration, with other educational styles of learning to teach children to read using educational beyond a traditional school classroom.

Starfall is also available as a learning app for smartphone and tablet users.

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Starfall. Image credit: commonsense.org

5. GoNoodle

GoNoodle is a ready-to-go homeschool- and classroom-friendly physical exercise program that challenges kids and students to get moving as they burn energy and building brainpower. The physical exercise activities range from Zumba exercise videos to Wii-like sports games and mindfulness content for childhood development.

The free app and educational website with lots of active video and games and designed to manage kids’ energy levels.

An upgraded version of GoNoodle, called GoNoodle Plus, enables teachers to create interactive games aligned with Common Core Values in a variety of disciplines.

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GoNoodle. Image credit: apkpure.com


6. ABCya

ABCya is a kids’ educational website and app for computer games.

ABCya, created by a grade school teacher, has educational computer games for nursery school and primary school kids. That is, pre-Kindergarten – Grade 6 elementary students (Pre-K-6) is a highly-prized educational app for grade school children has featured its popular educational computer games in Scholastic Learn at Home, Apple, USA Today, Parents Magazine and The New York Times.

ABCya has tons of fun, appealing learning activities, and millions of kids, and even teachers and parents play around 100 million educational computer games each month at ABCya.com  spanning in varying subjects including Speaking, Mathematics, Memorization activities, Typing, and others. ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids.

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ABCya. Image credit: pinterest.com

7. SplashLearn or SplashMath

SplashLearn or SplashMath, a free online educational resource, is explicitly geared towards nursery and primary school students in Grades K-5 (preschool –Grade 5, just like ABCya, who need extra assistance with Mathematics so as to boost the confidence and performance of kids in school.

SplashLearn is a complete homeschooling and classroom technology tool offers personalized learning route for school children to enrich their Mathematics learning, practice the skills, improve on the skills, and eventually catch up with the knowledge trend.

The educational Mathematics app offers fun online games and printables in a digital home and school classrooms.

SplashLearn is quite amazing, incredulously, all-inclusive, covering lesson content mastery of not less than 300 Mathematics skills. It’s a fun computer game that can motivate children to practice Mathematics skills more than before by interactive learning experiences, exercises, and rewards.

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SplashLearn. Image credit: apkpure.com

8. Smithsonian Learning Lab

Smithsonian Learning Lab free education website offers images, texts, videos, and audio recordings, and fun learning activities highlighting its collection of more than 1 million artifacts in its 19 museums, galleries, and research centers and their wealth of wide range of kids’ learning materials.

Homeschooling activities became much more fun and interactive with than 2.8 million high-resolution images newly released in the Smithsonian Learning Lab public domain.

The learning app can help a student collect, explore, and share the museums, galleries, and research centers from the comfort of your home, matching his learning goals satisfactorily.

Smithsonian Learning Lab also offers education game resources ranging from Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to nutrition lesson content for prekindergarten school childrenGrade 12 students (K-12 learners)high school students.

Smithsonian Learning Lab
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Smithsonian Learning Lab. Image credit: northernvirginiamag.com

 9. Amazon Freetime

Amazon Freetime is a free one-month trial learning app, granting the student access to educational videos, books, music, TV shows, among others. Teachers and parents can set profiles for different school-aged children (Pre-Kindergarten through elementary grade school students. They can also set time limits to limit the amount of screentime viewing.

Amazon Freetime as an educational website is actually a webstore for online learning books, workbooks, and lots more.

Amazon Freetime
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Amazon Freetime. Image credit: popsugar.com

10. EdPlace

EdPlace is a free trial plan educational app that gives your child access to tons of interactive lesson worksheets encompassing the core national curriculum subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science up to GCSE level. It is for primary grade school children through secondary school through high school and college students.

The Worksheets created by educators and teachers are assigned to schoolchildren and EdPlace as an adaptive technology tool modifies activities to match the children’s learning progress.

The online home and school classroom learning website have a dashboard that allows the parents to monitor their children’s results and send a progress report each week.

EdPlace is one the best online learning resource has been described as an all-rounder.


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