Facebook partners with Edo State Government


Facebook partners with Edo State

Facebook partners with Edo State Government to make available internet services, resources for learning and community support for teachers in Edo State Government.

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This partnership, according to the Governor Godwin Obaseki, was to improve and strengthen the State’s Basic Education reforms which is part of his administrative technology drive and to enable the pupils of the state compete positively with their mates worldwide.

He made this known during the inauguration of the Facebook Education Section at State Government capital in Benin City. He further said that the support will aid in making the public schools technology center of the state.

The Governor noted that the move is to make ready Edo children to face any challenges regards to the training locally and globally even as their mates across the globe can compete for the best life can offer.

He was grateful to Facebook for its technology is indeed indispensable even after updating their curriculum of education. He expressed hope the service would be extended to other states since they have dug about 400 kilometers fibre optic cables around Benin.

He also said that everything is ready to take off; teachers and other stakeholders in education sector will make full use of the channel to enhance learning.

Dr. Adam Seldow, the Head Facebook Education partnership, in a statement made, promise that the company will provide resources available for the teachers’ connectivity as well. He also noted that the Facebook partners with the Edo’s Government due to its achievement in the State Basic Education Transformation Sector Programme.

He stated clearly that about 13.5 million children do not go to school in Nigeria while teachers do not receive important training to enhance learning result in classroom. As a result of this shortcomings, the Facebook has agreed to partner with their government in order to make available training materials, connectivity to teachers and build professional community.


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