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Frontline Education - The Educational Technology Enterprise and Application Software Solutions Provider
Frontline Education – the Educational Technology Enterprise and Application Software Solution Provider for K-12 School Administration. Image credit: Lesbian Heart from Flickr




Frontline Education? – What is the Educational Technology Enterprise and Application Software Solutions Provider for K-12 School Administration?


1. What is Frontline Education? Overview of Frontline Education

Frontline Education is a private educational technology solution and application software enterprise providing school administration for strategic empowering K-12 leaders with the right tools, data, and insights to proactively ignite their strategy. It is a tech-savvy education enterprise.

What is this new frontier educational enterprise committed to? Frontline Education is committed to supporting the global education community by providing trending, actionable insights to advance their academic vision.

Founded in 1998, this educational software solution provider with annual revenue of $100 to $500 million makes K-12 school management exceptional through Human Resources (HR), Finance and Payroll, ERP software solutions, and more.

Frontline Education is an innovative learning solutions provider and always on the cutting edge of educational technology administration.


Watch a video of what Frontline Education is all about

About Frontline Education | K-12 Administration Software

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2. How important is Frontline Education? Does it make education better?

Is Frontline education really important? Is it really beneficial to create an account with educational technology enterprise and login to access its services? What unique educational services does it offer?

Yes, it is very important. Frontline Education partners with more than 12,000 educational organizations, impacting over 2.5 million educators with a unified platform that enables and providing tools, data, and insights to help build an educational management strategy through application software tools. That’s why it is important!

Frontline education also partners with the education community to prepare students with the skills for tomorrow and a lifetime of learning.

With Frontline education enterprise solutions, K-12 school leaders successfully lead with confidence proving that education deserves better.


3. What is the role and function of Frontline education? What unique educational products and services does it offer?

What is the role and function of Frontline education as a seamless educational technology enterprise? Does it make education better? Frontline Education is poised to delivering industrial enterprise software solutions to schools and other organizations.

The key role of Frontline education is in the area of enterprise management systems. Frontline education enterprise management system offers software tools for Human Resources; Professional Growth and Development; Performance (Evaluation); Data & Students Information and School Health Management.

It aids K-12 school administrators to check and report students’ and employees’ daily absence (Absence Management) and manage the EEM employee evaluation trends and observations forms with a software tool.

It also guides the employee to manage their absence, skill instruction and provides feedback to teachers and educators request support from Frontline Education.


4. Frontline Education System Application & Software Solutions

A comprehensive list of Frontline Education system application & software solutions is given below:

  1. Absence and Time Management (which includes Absence Management, Absence Management for Administrators, and Time and Attendance)
  2. Professional Growth Management (which includes Correlation and Collaboration, Frontline Professional Growth, and Teachscape Effectiveness Platform
  3. Frontline Central Management
  4. Frontline Special Education and Intervention Management (which Individualized Education Programs – IEPs,  Response to Intervention and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports – RTIs, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Plan, Special Education Reading Interventions Tiers 2/3)
  5. Frontline Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  6. Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  7. Frontline School Health Management System (SHMS)
  8. Frontline Students Information System (SIS)
  9. Hiring and Recruitment
  10. Frontline Insight Platform

(a) Frontline Education Mobile App

The Frontline Education system software includes a mobile phone app. With Frontline Education’s mobile app, you can stay on top of what’s happening in your schools, irrespective of your location. The mobile phone app is a quick and easy way to access the new Frontline Insights Platform while busy.

Click here to download and install the Frontline Education mobile app for Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Educators, teachers, and other categories of employees will be able to check to leave balances, create absences, access the time clock, and receive web alerts right on their mobile phone with the Frontline mobile app.

The app is available for schools and their employees that have added the Frontline Insights Platform.


(b) Frontline Education on Google Play Store for Android users

School districts that acquire the Frontline Insights Platform also gain access to the new Frontline mobile app through Frontline Education on Google Play store – for Android mobile phone users. The app provides increased accessibility for Android users to features such as absence creation, Leave Balance recognition and multiple absence tracking tools.

Click here to download, install and access the Frontline Education Mobile App for Android mobile phone users.


(c) Frontline Education on Apple store for iPad, iPhone, and Macbook OS users

School administrators who acquire the Frontline Insights Platform also gain access to its mobile app through Frontline Education on Apple Store for iPad, iPhone, and Macbook OS users. The mobile app provides increased accessibility to features such as absence creation and tracking, Leave Balance recognition, among others.

Click here to download, install, and access the Frontline Education Mobile App for iPad, iPhone, and Macbook OS users.


(d) Frontline Education on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices

Frontline Education has introduced new voice-activated, on-demand access to data and insights for K-12 school administrators and  education Leaders on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices  

The Frontline Education Alexa Skills on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices is a quick and easy way to access Frontline Absence & Time, Frontline Central, and PLM/EEM portal using simple voice commands.

This Skill is available for school administrators and employees who have access to the Frontline platform to connect your Frontline Education account to your Alexa account as part of this process. Data available from Amazon Alexa skills are limited to the Frontline solutions in your school if it has permission.


5. Why and how create an account with Frontline education?

(a) Why create an account with Frontline education?

Why create an account with frontline education? Why log in to the frontline education website?

Frontline Education is devoted to supporting the education community by providing on-demand actionable insights for the realization of their vision and mission, serving the 12,000+ education community with integrated tools, best practices, and caring people to support their pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

(b) How to create an account with Frontline education

How do school administrators create a new account with Frontline education? Creating an account requires ”Becoming a Partner” and you can become a partner by completing an online partner inquiry form. It is quite simple. Click here to complete the online partner inquiry form indicating the Frontline solution and system integration of your interest.

Click here to sign in to any school management system application – Absence and Time, Professional Growth, Frontline Central and/or Special Education Management.

(c) Frontline education login and ”Contact us” to ”Get help”

Having created an account by becoming a partner; you can log in to Frontline education with login as a customer. Click here to log in as a customer.

If you are interested in the insights and solutions or get some help Frontline Education can offer your school system, the administrators would like to hear from you.



7. Frontline Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frontline education Help Center!  Provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the To get started, tap the Menu button, then tap the Help Center link.

You can also click on the following to frequently-asked questions (FAQs) on the following, among others:


Applicant Tracking: Frequently Asked Questions

Time and Attendance: Frequently Asked Questions

Frontline Absence & Time: Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Growth: Frequently Asked Questions

8. Frontline Resources

Frontline Educational Resource Center

Frontline Educational Resource Center is about the provision of insights and ideas for k-12 leaders. It provides educational solutions; educational resources, Frontline contact information, and site search console. Click here to access Frontline Resource Center. Frontline Education Resource Center comprises of K-12 Resource Center, ESSA Resource Center, and IEP Resource Center.

 IEP Resource Center

Frontline IEP Resource Center is a place for research and education and where teachers and administrators can keep learning about individualized education – substitute program; resources for reopening schools;

It also offers talent and data driving strategy in human capital development; professional development as well as teachers’ evaluation, reshaping, and evolving for better service.

Frontline Blog Posts

The Frontline education resources informative blog posts on social, emotional, and behavioural support for students; care for students; mental health needs; substitute engagement; Professional growth and absence management make it worthwhile for creating an account and accessing its educational services.



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