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A school child in a home classroom

A school child in a home classroom. Photo credit:

Homeclassroom learning services: How to turn your home into a classroom learning environment | 4 ways to create a home classroom | The art of making a home a classroom for the education of your school children | Providing information knowledge about the home classroom for a sustainable future and better life in our 21st-century education

Your children are on a long vacation or a break and you wish to engage them in serious continuous education to keep hold onto their previous knowledge and acquire new knowledge until they return to school. Have you considered how you can make your home a classroom?

Information is fundamental in any transformed society in our 21st-century education system and having knowledge of how to turn your home into a classroom for the education of your school children can make them achieve career goals for a sustainable future and better life.

The art of creating a home classroom to offer learning services is rather simpler than you thought. Here we go:

Create a new home learning environment and an education center

The new home learning environment should be an open-air, spacious and well-ventilated place which is your learning service center or new classroom. A new home learning center promotes new learning.

Provide learning facilities and materials to meet their needs and set them in place

The following are some basic learning facilities and materials in the new home classroom environment for the education of your school children should have.

– Provide shelves for the keeping of books. Shelves should be open and low-to-the-ground shelves for easy access to kept books. Your long tables can serve as desks which are like a work station for the children

– Use colourful and attractive area rugs for the appropriate age group to sit on work on any task at hand

– Provide lockers for the children and set them at their spaces so that each child can be responsible for his or her own space and learning outcome

– Create the school children’s workspace, make colour codes with write-ups on subject topics and place them above the pupils’ workspace and get their spaces decorated to give fanciful touch. The children can be involved in the decoration of their spaces

– Use rolling bins and other sizable containers to keep learning materials and aids like models, patterns, toys, manipulatives, etc

– Create charts and posters, one of which should be a map decorated either as a wallpaper or placemats) and put them at subject-related corners of your new home classroom

– Create a reading corner and a whiteboard alongside creative writing and drawings.

Create learning guidelines and routines and teach responsibility and organization

While no one expects you to become a perfect teacher just overnight, providing learning guidelines which will include classroom rules and regulations, creating curricula, hours of lessons, routines of scheduled work and breaks, time for homework, and sticking to them will create a sense of responsibility in the children’s mindset. Also, set learning goals and targets.

The children will not take it seriously you don’t observe or enforce them. Scheduled time for any activity should realistic and tasks should be accomplished. Make an evaluation and assessment part of your lesson plan. Part of your lesson plan will be to teach them organization and responsibility.

Talk to the kids as if you are in a normal school classroom setting so that they can take their studies seriously.

Teach them organization in order to manage themselves, their desk supplies, including learning materials. Also, teach them how to take responsibility for the actions and inactions.

Provide inspiration and motivation for learning

As you teach, provide inspiration and motivation for learning and hardwork in order to achieve set goals and targets. Provide rewards and incentives for hardwork and mild punishment for naughtiness and irresponsibility. Ensure they don’t get discouraged to learn and apply newly learned knowledge to practical life.


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