How to wear heels all day without feeling pains


Great Life Hack - How to wear heels without pains

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Photo by Vladimir Yelizarov on Unsplash


How to wear heels all day without feeling pains or getting sore feet


The user @ChristyClips, a hairdresser from Austin, Texas revealed to her followers an ingenious trick for wearing heels without pain.

The TikTok hairdresser from Austin, Texas, has revealed a great life hack to numb feet while wearing heels, saying that it ‘numbs away pain’.

Christy certainly got more than a few people interested in the hack and amassed more than 460,000 likes on her video.

In the video titled, she says,’My secret to wearing heels for more than 6 hours,’ showing herself spraying her foot with $9.99 Aspercreme Pain Relieving Creme with Lidocaine – a topical anesthetic that works by blocking nerves from sending pain signals to the brain

 All people who have been subjected to the pain from beautiful heels will understand ‘suffering for your vanity,’ but one woman on TikTok decided enough was enough.

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