Latest Trend in Tech Outage: Snapchat Messaging App Goes Down


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Latest Trend In Thread of Internet Technology Service Outages – Snapchat Photo-sharing and Messaging App Goes Down

Facebook and its messaging App – Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger apps went dark for six hours last week, precisely October 4, 2021

 Snapchat users reported general outages of the messaging app Wednesday morning is the latest trend in the thread of popular social media internet technology service outages coming just one week and two days  after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went dark for at least six hours on 4th October and went down again four days after.

Downdetector, a website dedicated to tracking outages, confirmed that at about 7 a.m., tens of thousands of Snapchat users reported that Snapchat was down and they were unable to send or receive messages through the social media photo-sharing and messaging app. The outage lasted more than three hours, and the company’s official support account tweeted that the issue was resolved at 10:31 a.m.

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Cause of Snapchat Downtime

There is no reported cause for the interruption of service, and a Snapchat, and Forbes reported that spokesperson wouldn’t comment on the cause, but said that“the issue has been resolved.”

It is not currently clear what has caused the outage but The Independent reached out to Snapchat for comment and was told that an internal investigation had suggested the issue was not universal and that many services were beginning to return. Whatever the cause, the internet technology company must have not only lost some revenue but key advantage in the market characterized with stiff competition

Snapchat tweeted Wednesday morning during the outage: “We’re aware that some Snapchatters are having issues using the popular social media photo-sharing and messaging app right now – hang tight, we’re looking into it!”

Last week, Snapchat rival Facebook was the one battling a major outage, as Facebook and its Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger apps went dark for six hours, reportedly costing Facebook $65 million in lost revenue, at a time Snapchat usage surged 23%, according to analytics company Sensory Tower.

There are about 293 million daily active users Snapchat as Snap Inc. reported with its second-quarter earnings.

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