Teenage parents are selling their children and kidneys to buy food


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The country where teenage parents sell children and kidneys to buy food for survival

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Teenage parents with multiples of kids in Afghanistan are selling their children and kidneys to pay for food

Parents in Afghanistan are selling their children and kidney to raise money to afford food, many of whom are teenagers or in their early twenties and already had multiple children and even becoming pregnant again after the sale.

Sky News correspondents reported that first few days in Herat, in the post-pull out for foreign troops, met whole families who’ve sold their kidneys so they can buy food to eat. Particularly in one situation, three brothers and their two sisters told the reporters they flogged their organs for around £1,150 apiece to buy food for the rest of the family.

Rows of people of varying ages and with a variety of chronic diseases and disabilities were lined up for the reporters to see – each one with a relative urging us to somehow deliver some hope and relief to them.

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With the international community imposed sanctions and frozen billions of dollars worth of assets in overseas bank accounts, Afghans are now resorting to desperate measures to feed

Afghan is the country in which a coalition of nations spent 20 years, shelling out billions of dollars to “rebuild it”, thousands of lives have been sacrificed – both foreign troops and ordinary Afghans in the crisis.

After the withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan last year, the Taliban regime took over but has not received international recognition. The international community imposed sanctions and billions of dollars worth of assets were frozen in overseas bank accounts, mostly American.

The lack of worldwide recognition of the Taliban government has meant a country that was previously almost wholly dependent on foreign aid has seen that all but dry up. The economy has virtually collapsed with few jobs and very little hard currency available for ordinary Afghans. Afghans are now resorting to desperate measures to feed themselves as aid struggles to reach them. The little aid which is seeping in is not nearly adequate for the millions who need it.

The situation has become so ugly that for fear of loss of the lives of their children, desperate parents now sell their kidneys and children in order to raise money to buy food.

A parent who has nothing left but their kids to sell said to the reporters: “We have nothing left to sell,” he said. “We have to sell our children now and I’m prepared to do this for even 20,000 Afghanis (about £150 or $200). I can’t go to sleep every night with them crying that they are hungry.”

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Iranian traders buy the kidneys across the border

There’s a lucrative kidney trade in the village community on the outskirts of Herat city with the region’s proximity to the Iranian border and many of the buyers are from across the border.

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Prices of kidneys are reducing amidst rising supply

The prices of kidneys are reducing amidst rising supply as many more are heading into the city for transplant operations. The donor complain that the rise in supply has driven down the organ price – as the price of a kidney is 150,000 Afghanis (£1,150 or $1,500) for the women compared to earlier payments of 200,000 Afghanis (£1,500 or $2,000) for the men.

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Hospitals have run out of treatment materials

Some emotional doctors interviewed said they couldn’t afford even the dressings for infected wounds let alone having the basic tools to do life-saving operations. Many of the patients have badly infected injuries caused by deep burns from open fires which families use to try to keep warm in mid-winter and with most parents unable to pay for the medicines or bandages, never mind expensive surgeries, their children are often sent home to die.

Doctor Mohammad Aqel Halimee while lamenting over the helpless situation said, “I have a bad sensation. Because (it’s all down to the) lack of materials… I have the ability to treat them but lack of materials and bandages means I can’t help them.”

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Afghan becoming the centre of the globe’s worst humanitarian disaster – UN

The United Nations has said that the Afghan is fast becoming the centre of the globe’s worst humanitarian disaster as poverty ravages its villages where old women were thrusting medical documents into the hands of the reporters pleading with us for help while mothers clutching babies begged us for food. This extreme poverty has driven more Afghans onto the operating tables to try to wipe out debts and provide food for their families.

Afghanistan was already poor and in difficulties before the chaotic withdrawal of foreign troops last August. Afghan is in 15th position in the ranking of the poorest countries in the world in 2021 with the GNI per capita at $2110, according to the United Nations Projections of Multidimensional Poverty Index (PMPI).

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Selling kidneys to pay for food is extremely, extremely concerning – UN

UN Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said reports of people selling their organs to pay for food was “extremely, extremely concerning” as reported by Sky News.

“Well they are extremely, extremely concerning and that is why we have upped the level of humanitarian aid into Afghanistan and that is why we are working very hard with partners across the international community to secure peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

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