Top 5 Educational Games & Videos for Teens | Teens Fun Time with Games


Top 5 Educational Games for Teens

Top 5 Educational Games & Videos for Teens | Educational Videos of Teens Fun Time with Games

Teens learn science skills, basic skills in English Language speaking, safe online web browsing tips, painting, drawing and other arts and crafts in these educational video games.

1.) Science tricks game

Teens perform tricks and learn science skills by playing this educational video game

2.) Learning and educational basics game

Teenagers catch fun learning Basics in Education in this game.

3.) Safe online web browsing game

Teens can learn to surf the internet successfully without being victims of cyber attack. Security is a sole of life.

4.) Arts and craft game for adolescents

Let your adolescents catch fun and become good in painting, drawing and other crafts in this educational video game.

5.) English as a Second Language (ESL) game

Teenage students can learn to speak English Language in this educational video catching fun at the same time


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