Top 5 problems associated with online learning


Disadvantages of online learning

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Learners getting involved in internet abuses while doing online learning is one of the problems or disadvantages of online study.  Photo credit:

5 things to consider before taking up an online study

5 negative aspects of online learning or challenges learners face in an online study

Top 5 problems associated with online distance education


Online distance education is cost-effective, flexible, qualitative and convenient but has serious negative aspects and disadvantages.

The Internet today is undoubtedly bustling with numerous online distance learning activities globally and will likely be on the increase for now.

Online distance education realistically offers fantastic and enticing learning flexibility. Outside being convenient for out-school education, online distance education is adaptable to different categories of young learners, academicians and professionals to carry on their academic work and pursuits. The question is: Are there any problems associated with online education? Despite being cost-effective, there are serious negative aspects and disadvantages of online distance education learners should consider before taking up an online study.


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5 challenges learners face in an online study

Let us consider a top 5 challenges distance learners face and disadvantages of engaging in an online study in this article. The challenges as they were, may not outweigh the usefulness


Coping with more engagement with study facilities and it is time-consuming

One of the top 5 problems associated with online education is coping with being more engaged in a real time interactive study unlike traditional in-person home education or school classroom learning. This engagement consumes more time and denies a learner the opportunity of carrying out other tasks. There is a tendency of learners having more unconventional work outside the usual studying, doing the assignment, and others. These challenges make online real-time study difficult with unachievable objectives in an environment where e-learning infrastructural facilities are lacking like in the least developed or developing countries of the World.

Lack of face-to-face interaction

Disadvantageously, online distance education lacks face-to-face interaction between teachers, educators or virtual instructor and learners.

Even though learners underestimate the power of interactive dialogue between the learner and the instructor or classmates in a home classroom or school classroom makes it possible for both parties to build ‘a teaching-learning relationship’ and as such, builds up the learners’ level of motivation and classroom social status needed for their excellent academic performance.

Poor guidance and self-direction

Another problem of online learning is poor guidance and self-direction. Traditional school education and academic programmes of study require that a learner gets some advice from school teachers or college and university course or programme advisors for proper guidance or self-direction periodically in the course of undertaking the programme. Drifting from this proactive education route is one of the negative aspects of online study because can cause taking wrong decisions and actions and limit further academic progress thenceforth which can be damaging the learner’s future prospects.

Emergence of internet-related abuses

One of the challenges learners face in an online study is engagement in internet-related abuses. Learners, especially younger ones, in online education are vulnerable to risky online behaviour, cyber-bullying, sexual exploitation, and other cyber threats that threaten the health, safety, and security of learners accessing distance learning, requiring that both the government and private organizations make substantial effort to find a lasting solution to unsafe online learning.

This is applicable to situations where learners are easily distracted or gullible or lack self-discipline and control or cannot take decisions for their learning outcomes like the case with schoolchildren’s online education.

Lack of accreditation and shortfall in education requirement and standard

Lack of accreditation and not meeting education requirement and the standard is a notable negative problem of internet-based online. Owning to limitless and unrestricted usage of the Internet for learning, many engaging and interactive online academic activities, study programmes and coursework lack the necessary and required accreditation by the empowered administrative educational authorities saddled with the responsibility, thereby lacking proper regulation and control in which case they fail to meet with certain acceptable standards.

There are more serious outcomes relating to financial losses and other economic and social wastages if a sub-standard degree is earned or certificate awarded after an a lengthy activity or a study programme, defeating the real intent of such academic endeavour.

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