U.K fears older pupils can spread coronavirus


Schools reopening in UK

Schools reopening in the UK: U.K residents fear older children can transmit coronavirus as much as adults. https://www.freepressseries.co.uk

COVID-19 risk in schools: U.K residents fear older pupils can spread coronavirus as much as adults

U.K residents in a panic of coronavirus spread among secondary school students amidst proposed September schools reopening


U.K residents fear older pupils (that is lower or junior secondary school children) can spread coronavirus. U.K residents are mounting serious pressure on U.K Education Secretary of the Department of Education, Rt Hon Gavin Williamson, to publish U.K Government research into the effect of secondary school pupils in the transmission of COVID-19.

The Education Secretary is now under immense public pressure to release the Public Health England (PHE) research study on the preliminary result that school children over the age of 10 years otherwise referred to as older children are likely to transmit coronavirus disease to others just like adults do.

The research study discovered that children over 10 years are more likely to transmit coronavirus than the ones under 10, but the researchers intend to carry out a full investigation of the results when secondary schools reopen fully.

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Robert Halfon, the Senior Troy and Chair of the Education Select Committee said he would be happy if the Public Health England (PHE) report will be released even though it was needful for schools to reopen fully.

Early results from the PHE study showed that the primary school children are unlikely to transit or contact coronavirus infection

The debate over whether it is safe for children to return to school has been raging for months, and even recently, scientists are disagreeing on the best course of action in reopening schools and returning children to the classroom.

U.K prime minister, Boris Johnson, and other government officials believe that the September set time is safe enough to return the children to school.

The U.K prime minister said he had no doubt schools would be safe for children to return to in England in September while Health minister, Edward Argar said that they were more confident that the children and young people are much less at risk from this disease and from passing it on to others in the community.

Robert Halfon, the Senior Troy and Chair of the Education Select Committee believe that potential risks of children missing out on school, resulting in loss of education and issues with safeguarding and mental health widely, outweigh the little evidence of transmission of coronavirus among children in schools.


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