10 facts about Donald Trump you may not know


Former US President Donald Trump of U.S.
President Donald Trump of U.S. Photo credit: USA.gov

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10 facts about Donald Trump you may not know


You already know, I guess, Donald Trump, as the 45th United State (U.S.) president, but here are 10 facts about him you may not know:

1. Donald Trump is a German who became an American citizen. Donald Trump is of German and Scottish descent. His paternal grandparents were German immigrants and his mDonald Trump, as the 45th United State (U.S.) president, but here are 10 facts about him you may not know:other was a Scottish housewife.

2. Donald Trump has had 3 fruitful marriages and 2 divorces.  He had married 3 wives. He had married and divorced Ivana Zelnickoya, a Czech model; Maria Maple, an actress, and currently Melania Knauss, a Slovenian model, all resulted in 5 children. Melania Knauss has been Donald Trump’s wife since 2005.

3. Donald Trump is a Presbyterian and was mentored by his church pastor, Norman Vincent Peale until his death. He is quite religious and regards the Bible as the Number 1 book in the world.

4. Donald Trump exercises his body by walking a golf course. He believes that more active physical exercise is a waste of energy. Donald Trump doesn’t take alcohol. He stated that he had never smoked cigarettes or cannabis.

5. He is the first U.S. president who did not serve in the military or hold elective or appointed government office prior to being elected.

6. Even though he is the oldest person to take office as a president, Donald Trump was described as the healthiest individual ever to be elected to the U.S. presidency. He is aged 74

7. Donald Trump was the first billionaire U.S. president. In its 2020 billionaires ranking, Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth at $2.1 billion (1,001st in the world, 275th in the U.S.) making him one of the richest politicians in U.S. history The New York Times reported that Trump was already a millionaire by 8 years of age. In fact, he is the richest president in U.S. history.

8. Donald Trump has been involved in 7 different career areas – real estate developer (as a business tycoon), media (as a television and radio talk show co-producer and host); film acting; sports (as a golfer and wrestler); authorship, entrepreneur and administrator (as an investor and owner of business ventures), and presently politics and governance (as the U.S. president).

9. Donald Trump is widely seen as having no definite or specific political position in modern U.S. presidential politics.

10. Donald Trump has made several comments and actions that have been considered both within the U.S. and abroad as racist, and numerous studies found that the political ascendance and support he enjoys were driven by his racial attitude rather than economic factors even though he is an economist.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is an ardent speaker, a nationalist, and an economic non-interventionist who relishes authoritarian governance to democracy.


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