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Fully-funded Most Popular and Top Scholarships in Canada 2021/2022 for Canadian and International Students


Universities in Canada offer fully-funded scholarships to Canadian and International students in Bachelors, Graduate Diplomas, Masters and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree programs


Canada has become one of the most exciting and valuable countries offering opportunities to students and even job seekers internationally.

The Canadian Universities offer Bachelors’s, Graduate Diplomas, Masters’s, and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree programs to international students. Prospective students also have the opportunity of applying to Canadian Scholarships all over the year, accepting applications up to 4 times in a year.

Best Scholarships in Canada are just a few of a good number of study scholarship opportunities in Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate (Ph.D.) Scholarships in Canadian universities – the Collection of Canada Scholarships in both Canadian Private and Public Universities, among others.


Reasons international students apply for scholarships to study in Canada

There are a good number of reasons why international students apply for scholarships to study in Canada and even work part-time while studying.

Not only is Canada known for offering world-class experience from top universities and having some of the lowest university tuition fees, but the cost to study and living in Canada is also affordable, the quality of life is high and there is an opportunity to get a job employment and work after your study program.

To make securing university admission easy,  a student can also apply to study courses in a good number of universities in Canada without sitting for IELTS despite the Universities from Canada offering English-taught degrees all for Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. levels.


7 Top Canadian universities offering scholarships 2021/2022


1. Government of Canada Scholarships 20121/2022

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is a Government of Canada Scholarships. Lastly, the Government of Canada is now accepting applications for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships for 2022. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships offers up to 166 scholarships annually and the application deadline is 3rd November 2021

Click here to access the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships


2. University of Ottawa Scholarships

The University of Ottawa Scholarships are available for study of Undergraduate, Graduate Diploma, Masters, PhD programs, Microprograms, short programs

The University of Ottawa has the maximum number of scholarships available to international students and Candia Citizens.

Click here to access the University of Ottawa Scholarships


3. Concordia University Presidential Scholarship

The Concordia University Presidential Scholarship is a newly established full-flight award designed to support international undergraduate students who have shown academic excellence in their respective courses.

Concordia University is the most reputed university in Canada. This university offers the Presidential Scholarship to only undergraduate students.

Click here to access the Concordia University Presidential Scholarship


4. University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta, Scholarships in Canada for 2021/2022 is currently available to students to apply for. The University of Alberta, the First Premier University, is one of the most popular and top 5 Canadian universities offering Full Scholarships for International Students in Canada to study for Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs.

The university offers more than 200 undergraduate programs, more than 500 graduate programs, 250 specializations, and 300 research areas.

The application for admission opened on July 1, 2021, for September Admissions, November 1, 2021, for January Admissions

Click here to get more University of Alberta Scholarships information.


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5. University of Toronto Scholarships

The University of Toronto, the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada. is a public research university in Toronto. The institution of learning is one of the most popular scholarship-offering universities in Canada

There are 4,400 Scholarships offered by the university in Canada to international students by the staff, university and faculty.

Click here to obtain more information about University of Toronto Scholarships


6. Montréal University Scholarships

Montréal University Scholarships in Canada for the Academic Year Fall 2021 and winter 2022 are available to students for Undergraduate, Masters, Doctorate, and Postdoctoral fellowships. The Université de Montréal is ranked 73rd in the world and 4th in Canada.

Click here to obtain more information about Montréal University Scholarships


7. Saskatchewan University Scholarships in Canada 2022

The Scholarships are available for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs for the January 2022 intake. The Saskatchewan University, another one of the most popular and top Canadian scholarship-offering universities,  offers full scholarships for international students in Canada to study for varying courses.

Click here to obtain more information about Saskatchewan University Scholarships.


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