Stricter Laws for Standards in Private Schools


Stricter Laws

Stricter Laws for Standards in Private Schools

Stricter laws should be made and implemented by the government to forestall further collapse of school buildings after the ugly incident last week in Lagos that led to the death of not less than 20 children.

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‘’We have over 1,000 schools on Lagos Island and over 30 around Ita Faaji vicinity with just one government school around which is very old. Isaale Eko is the worst.”, said Mrs Usman Akinsanya, who runs ACUAD Nursery and Primary School.

She confessed that some private schools in Ita Faaji are situated in weak penthouses which can endanger people’s lives.  For instance, possibly, they can just accommodate 200 individuals with children in a house that is suitable for 50 individuals.

‘’Why won’t they break down? The government should do something about it, such schools are prominent around here,’’ Mrs Akinsanya lamented Owing to Akinsanya statement, such stricter laws would bring sanity to the system.

That is the reason parents send their children to private schools, not that it is  quite affordable; Most are simply pushing through to give their children quality education they deserve.

The stricter laws should be made for licensing of schools to ensure quality standard in the system. Government ought to visit the schools first to ascertain the ones who qualify being schools. This is where the stricter law comes into play.

There are a hundreds of private schools in that area in Lagos, yet no administration for schools around, the closest is at Marina or Tinubu to get support for private schools.

She reported that in the first place, there are relatively few government-funded schools around this zone and the private schools around here are modest.

Private schools are known to train better than government schools and parents need the best for their kids.

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Posted: March 22, 2019, | Category: Local News
Source: Thenationonlineng


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