The White House Sets Priorities for HE Clean up


The White House

The White House Sets Priorities for HE Clean up

The White House has set its priorities for the cleaning up federal higher education law, which hasn’t been reviewed in more than 10 years now. The process is about getting underway in Congress.

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The US Senate’s education committee has determined to review the Higher Education Act, which hasn’t been amended for a decade now, thereby requiring a policy suggestion.

The commendations for lawmakers are presented in a five-page memo. The memo which places much of the blame for recent inefficiencies wholly on colleges and universities and pressing for the higher education (HE) industry to concentrate on shifting the needs of labour force.

The memo, from The White House, complained that cost of acquiring education in colleges has risen tremendously and the consequent increase in students’ loans has created imbalance between the loan portfolio and the wage premium associated with a college degree.

Regrettably, many colleges and universities have shown inability or reluctance to promote the needed types of education at that level in a cost-efficient manner. The administrators require colleges and universities to offer courses and programs more inclined to present and future workforce needs. They, additionally, desire to allow federal student aids, loans, scholarships and grants to cover apprenticeships, certifications and other kinds of labour force training programs.

The White House correspondence and a special adviser to President Trump, Ivanka Trump told reporters that she thinks that the reforms would not only be seriously-implemented but comprehensive enough to solve the current problems in higher education in US.

The Tennessee Republican, Senator Lamar the head HLP Committee, and Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, a renowned Democrat on the committee, have committed to the overhauling project of the HE Act.

Murray’s priorities include improving college fees affordability, expanding access for poorly-represented students and improving campus safety, including stopping campus sexual harassment, bullying and hazing, among other things for students’ success.

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Posted: March 21, 2019, | Category: International News
Source: Theusnews


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