Top 5 Back-to-school Tech Tools/Devices/Gadgets for Students


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Top 5 Back-to-school Tech Tools/Devices/Gadgets for Students of all Ages – School-aged kids, Teens, College and University Students need for Successful Transition in Schools

There are very many things to prepare for as your child heads back to school, no doubt, after summer holidays or winter break or any other holidays which includes stocking up school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, calculators, etc), re-establishing daily routines and checks, among others, but there are basic tech tools/devices/gadgets that can make the transition easily adaptable for school-aged kids, teens, college and university students.

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5 bests Back-to-school best tech tools/devices/gadgets:

  1. Educational and child-friendly tablet featuring children’s books, movies, TV shows, games, songs

  2. GPS tracker or gps tracking device

  3. Gizmo Gadgets

  4. Chromecast TV-Streaming device

  5. Google Voice Assistance on mobile phone


1.) Educational and child-friendly tablet featuring children’s books, movies, TV shows, games, songs

It is a robust, fast and responsive tablet with a bumper case to protect it against damage for your kids and students to get a good start. It should have a range of parental controls, managed from the parent’s smartphone, which can set time limits and so on. You can block access to children’s videos or games or songs, for instance, until a set reading time elapses.

It has colourful extras for your kids if your children feels they’ve outgrown such colourful extras; it’s easily removable

An excellent stylus would make it ideal for educational purpose – note-taking, creative drawing or art apps directly on the screen – the pencil or pen providing the child a strikingly natural feeling to it. It has very long battery life which lasts for at least a whole day in class. It has word processing software installed like Windows 10

It should give kids access to thousands of children’s books, movies, TV shows, games, songs and educational and child-friendly apps.

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2.  GPS tracker or GPS tracking device

GPS Tracker provides an array of features that parents of younger children may find especially handy more so younger school children, students and teachers. It is one of the 5 bests back-to-school tech tools/gadgets/device for school kids and students. 

GPS tracking device easily fits into a child’s backpack or pocket or can be worn on the wrist. Some come in form of wrist watches. It updates a parent’s smartphone with their location every two minutes. Parents can as well set up a “geo fence,” instantly alerting them if their child goes off track.

There are a number of similar wearables and GPS trackers parents can help keep track of each a child or student’s location on a map. They come with apps anf offers more features, including stolen phone protection, expanded history data and a live adviser for urgent situations.

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3.  Gizmo Gadgets

It offers a good step for having a phone and actually not having a phone. It’s a little cute device that has different colours kids love. This can be worn as a wrist watch.

Gizmo gadgets can be pre-programmed to call up to five numbers of a child’s family members to ensure the kid does not just call anyone else – just calling people he needs to in case the need arises.

It has a GPS and also an app that makes the parents see when the kids get to school, home or any other planned destination making the parents enjoy peace of mind.


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4. Chromecast TV Streaming device

There are lots of educational contents on Youtube which a lot of teachers are having their students take a peek at which is not that easy for them to watch on laptop or tablet computers. This tech device makes it easier for streaming content from smartphones, tablets and laptops when connected and sent up onto a Television HDTV for display. It grants many others in their confort zone opportunity to learn from the telecast content


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5. Google Voice Assistance on mobile phone

Google Voice Assistance is an app available on Android and IPhone operating systems of a mobile phone can help yours kids and teens in schools, colleges and university student, ask all kinds of questions, make plans, and carry out a variety of useful tasks. It provides instant help, saving the student time so you can focus on the things that matter most.

It can set reminders for study time and for scheduled home activities breaks to help make study time more effective. Studies show that frequent breaks during tasks can lead to better concentration and higher productivity. It does foreign language translation. It can be used as a calculator.

Google Voice Assistance can also teach you and your child how to solve more complex problems by pointing you to tutorials thereby enhancing your kid’s equation-solving abilities. It can help you carry out research on subject or project topics.

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